FAQ -- LTE -- checking Optus for availability of signal

Q. apart from using the vividwireless website, is there any other way to check for availability of the LTE service?

A. you can try the OzTowers website (https://oztowers.com/Home/Query) and query by postcode to see a map of towers in your area. You need to limit the search to Optus and then look for towers which support a 2300MHz service. When you click on the tower icon on the map, you want to see "Optus 4G 2300MHz" in the list of supported frequencies.



poyda1234 wrote 15 weeks ago

I just received the cancellation email and have been looking at oztowers an found plenty of towers with Optus 2300Mhz. How can I determine which ones carry vivid? I'm assuming not all of them do since the "check coverage" page shows a "No" against addresses near some of those towers?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 15 weeks ago

As far as I know, YES, all Optus towers which carry 2300MHz are used by vividwireless.

If vividwireless have identified some addresses as "not available", it would be for other reasons. e.g. topology (hills or buildings between the address and the tower). Can never be 100% accurate, as signals can reach a destination by a variety of paths.


poyda1234 wrote 15 weeks ago

Thanks Frosty, I suspected as much. My location on the wimax coverage map shows I'm in a hole but in reality i get a good stable connection. My next move i guess is to borrow an LTE modem and test it out. If i get good signal which i am confident of doing, how do I persuade Vivid to continue my account and supply a free LTE modem?
ps I'm located in Thornlie but as far as one can get from the Maddington exchange with a mixture of ageing copper/aluminium for a landline.


smalls wrote 8 weeks ago

I am in the same boat here, thornlie resident also and have good WiMax coverage but they seem to say that the LTE wont work in this area. The tower on hume road according to oztowers shows a 2300mhz optus signal. Poyda1234 did you get any response from vividwireless support regarding trialing of an LTE modem?


Wayne wrote 6 weeks ago

vivid wont respond they don't have to since the new modems aren't thare responsibility that is optus responsibility


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 weeks ago

That's not correct Wayne. vividwireless have control of and responsibility for their modems, not withstanding the fact that the logo branding now identifies them modem as Optus.


Wayne wrote 5 weeks ago

i see ps hows things on your trip frosty i bet its a it convention

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