cannot change password

I suspect that someone is using my gateway: The yellow light keeps blinking even when all my linked devices are switched off, and my monthly usage has tripled since a month ago.
When I try to change the access password, the "Apply" button results in a message "invalid MAC address format"
The only MAC addresses I can see are in ACL, which is disabled.
Have been trying to restrict access to my main computer (as a first test) but the MAC address keeps being rejected, regardless how I enter it.
The ACL list displays 8 cells, each containing "00:00:00:00:00:00".

I have since phoned the Helpline and the only way to get out of this, they said, is by doing a factory reset. Shall try this afternoon.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 20 weeks ago

Hi Pixel,

As you have been in contact with Tech Support regarding this problem, they must feel that this is the only option for you, to do a Factory Reset. From what you have posted, I would agree with the Factory Reset.

Just in case they did not explain what happens when you do a Factory Reset, whatever settings you may have changed within the Wimax Modem will be lost. The settings will revert back to original settings as if you are taking the modem out of the packaging for the very first time.

So when you turn it on, it will ask for a Name and Password. This is where you were trying to change the password. If you still have the instruction manual just refer to it if needed.

Let us know how you go following the factory reset or your still having problems.

Sometime tonight, I will move this post to the Technical Support - Wimax section.



Pixel wrote 20 weeks ago

Thanks Ozzcaddy

I've been a client since 2012 and don't think the original instructions still exist. If they don't, I shall take snapshots of every screen before resetting.
However, I had been hoping that someone could tell me in which format the MAC addresses have to be entered. I tried upper case, lower case, with and without blanks separating the 6 groups... Frustrating.

Ciao 4 niao


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 20 weeks ago

I understand the frustration, been there done that.

The MAC Address is on the bottom of the modem. This is my old Wimax modem as I updated to the LTE Modem.

My old MAC Address is as follows: 001FFB0C00DA.

I notice that there is a WiFi MAC: 001FFB0BB1B0 (I'm not sure which one is entered)

The SSID will be the Initial Password that will need to be entered.

Once connected, you log in to the modem and create a new name for the modems WiFi network and new password.

If your still having a problem, you would be best to contact Support and they can talk you through the steps of setup.


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