FAQ: information needed for fault investigations

I've put together the following list of things/questions which are really helpful when posting fault reports in the forums. The more information you can post, the less questions the moderators will have to ask and the faster we'll be able to reach a conclusion about the likely source of a problem:

Even after all this, it might be that we can't do anything. But its worth being thorough:

(1) what location are you in (suburb/city)?

(2) what type of modem do you have (Home Gateway, ViViFi or USB type)?

(3) collect your CINR and RSSI stats (from the modem; see separate FAQ article for explanation)

(4) what is the BSID reported by the modem (the tower it uses ... watch it for a day or so and see if it is changing at all, even if just the last digit)

(5) what is the list of tower frequencies that the modem can see?

(6) what is the modem's MAC address (the hardware identifier, in case we need to report that to vividwireless for extra monitoring)

(7) run some speed tests (www.speedtest.net) ... need at least two ... one in the morning (say, around 7am) which is an Off-Peak time ... one in the evening (say, around 7pm) which is a Peak time ... lets compare them ... and ideally, run these over a 2-3 day period to see if it is consistently just a Peak time issue, or whether the poor performance kicks in even at Off-Peak times

(8) if you haven't already done so, check for Malware ... I recommend using Malwarebytes as an extra check (I use this sometimes myself, even though my regular AV/malware protection is AVG).

(9) if you are having problems with certain resources (e.g. YouTube vids, or particular websites), then please be specific ... which videos ... which websites ... so that others can test (incl. myself, and possibly people at vivid to test too).

Just FYI, vivid have 'canaries' they can use for testing. You know, the idea of how miners in coal mines took canaries in cages with them, as the birds were more sensitive to harmful gasses than the people were ... well anyway, there are modems "out there" which vivid have placed in various locations which they can use for testing, so the tests are not just done from inside vivid's core networks in Perth or Sydney, but are actual "real world" testing results performed in the field. So if I can give them specific resources (e.g. URLs for websites and videos) then they can test them from different suburbs and cities, to work out of its a problem inside their network or whether the problem is external.

(10) do you have WiFi turned on ... and if you do, are you using it?

If you are NOT using WiFi, we suggest disabling it in the modem and doing some more testing.

If you ARE using WiFi:

(11) can you switch to using an Ethernet cable (instead of WiFi) just for a few days and monitor behaviour?

(12) download an application called InSSIDer (freeware) and use it to scan your WiFi environment ... look for overlapping networks on the channel you are using ... see if you can identify a relatively unused channel for your network to use and switch the modem to use that channel

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