FAQ -- WiMAX -- limited WiFi capabilities of Home Gateway modem


People with a large number of WiFi devices (3 or more, such as iPhone, iPad, PCs/laptops) connecting to a Home Gateway modem may find that while a Speed Test (www.speedtest.net) returns a reasonable result when testing with an individual device, actual throughput when all devices are connected is poor.


Processing of WiFi signals is a CPU-intensive task, especially when the data is being encrypted/decrypted (this is the normal situation). The CPU in the Home Gateway can get overwhelmed and this results in poor throughput to the WiFi devices.


It is recommended to offload the WiFi processing to another device such as a WiFi Access Point. Get a device that you can connect to the Home Gateway via one of its two network ports (ethernet). Mac users would do well to use an Airport Extreme. Connect all the WiFi devices to the new access point, so that only standard, unencrypted, ethernet traffic is being processed by the Home Gateway.


You may wish to read up on how this user solved his performance issues by offloading WiFi traffic to an Airport Extreme:

IMPORTANT: you really must get an Access Point (AP) device which has the ability to be an AP only; either that type by design, or an AP which allows you to disable its WAN port (what you DON'T want is an AP which forces all traffic through its WAN port!)

The rough steps to be followed when setting up with a new AP:

* physically cable the new AP to the HG via the provided ethernet network ports

* configure the new AP with a static IP address different to your Home Gateway (e.g. if your HG is make the AP and set the AP's default gateway to so the traffic goes to the HG and out to the Internet)

* turn off the WiFi function in the Home gateway (at the end of the process) and rely on the WiFi in the new AP

To prevent DHCP address conflicts:

* turn on DHCP in the new AP and give it a range like or something like that

* either turn off DHCP in the HG, or set the address range to something completely different like, so that the HG DHCP doesn't conflict with the new AP DHCP

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