FAQ -- WiMAX -- when is new firmware available? (updated: 10/4/2016)

---------------------------------- 10/4/2016

As the WiMAX modems (Home Gateway, ViViFi and USB) are no longer been sold, it is expected that no new firmware will be forthcoming.

---------------------------------- 1/11/2010

New firmware is being rolled out to home gateway users from today. Details here:

---------------------------------- 16/10/2010

Everyone is probably very aware that we are waiting on new firmware to hopefully fix/improve a couple of performance issues:

(1) gateway crashes periodically when under very heavy load; and
(2) WiFi performance of the gateway is very poor with some Apple devices (iPad/iPhone)

The latest scuttlebutt that I have (as at 16/10/2010) is that a fresh round of testing with a new firmware image is getting under way real soon, so hopefully we will have a result in the next couple of weeks. Everyone cross your fingers!

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