SOLUTION -- WiMAX -- connecting to WiFi after firmware upgrade

Quite a number of users have found themselves unable to make a WiFi connection to their Vivid gateway after the gateway has had a firmware upgrade. This was first noticed when firmware v1.4.0 and/or 1.4.1 was updated to v1.4.4 around October/November 2010.

After the firmware upgrade to v1.4.4 the gateway's default WiFi channel ID setting of "Auto" may not work. The suspicion is that the channel numbers offered by the gateway extend to a range of IDs beyond those which work with many client devices.

Force the gateway to use a particular WiFi channel ID. Suggest using channels 9, 10 or 11 (but do not go beyond 11 as this may be the cause of the inability to connect). Numerous users have found that manually setting the gateway's WiFi channel ID immediately fixes the problem.

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user Heglund wrote:

I just thought I'd chime in on the issue. It appears that they've changed the available 2.4GHz WiFi channels, which can mess with some things.

The 802.11g (and n, but slightly differently because of bonding) protocols allow for different channels, GENERALLY 1 through 11 in Australia. However, in some cases they may advertise up to channel 13 (or even 14 in Japan for 802.11b). It appears that with the firmware update, they've allowed for automatic selection of these new channels, but not all clients support them!

For example, my wife has a laptop from the USA, and the firmware on her wireless card only supports channels 1-11. My modem auto-selected channel 13. My MacBook is an Australian bought model, and seems to support channels 1-13 out of the box. So, I could still connect, but my wife could not.

I made it select channel 11 (or lower) and my wife's laptop happily came back on board.

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