Boosting Internet signal

Hi there

I was just wondering if anybody can help. We have loved to South guildford and can't connect to Adsl as there are no ports available
I am on the vivid unlimited plan. I am receiving a low signal to sometimes two bars but that is rare
Is there any way I can boost the signal with hardware or by changing the router settings.

Finding it hard to view videos etc

Thanks in advance



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Penny, there is a couple of questions to ask.

Which State are you in?

What type of modem do you have, Home Gateway ViFiWi?

Have you tried moving the modem to different positions to improve the signal.

Have you checked the Vividwireless Coverage map to see if you are well covered within the network since moving.

There is no way to boost your signal. Have a read of this FAQ

If after trying different positions and the coverage map is OK, I would suggest speaking with Tech Support and let them have a look at your connection. Let us know what they say, and how the other things go.

We will assist you, but it is a step by step process.

Technical Support : 1300 32 78 37

hours of operation

Perth Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 8am to 8pm.

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
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Erasmuz wrote 2 years ago

I am in the same area and giving Vivid a go after yet again my phone lines are degrading and the DSL is becoming increasingly unreliable.

Officially according to the Vivid maps there's a gap just over our suburb and it reports the service is not available in our area.

That said it's a bit different in practice - sure inside anywhere convenient I get no signal or a very low signal (1 bar). However I attached an extension cable and tried it by all the windows where I soon got a medium signal (2 bars).

I then went a little further and tried it on a long extension cable anywhere I could mount it, in the far corner of my garage up high it is getting a strong (3 bar) signal with the following stats:

RSSI: -74.09dBm
CINR: 24.39/20.76(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 28dBm

That said it is dismally slow during peak times. My next test is going to be to hang it on a wall outside under an eve to see if I can improve the signal even further. If this works I'll consider a weatherproof housing for it.

I'm not sure if I recommend going to this extreme though, it's not practical for most & if you find it still doesn't work you've wasted a lot of time/money. I bought my modem second hand for $50 and can do my own wiring so it's a different story. Also if you mount it a long way away (or outside) you'll need Ethernet runs back to WiFi access points closer to you so you get a signal to the modem itself!

DSL in the area is OK if your line is OK, even if you get stuck on an ADSL1 port you should sync at the full 8/1Mbps.


shadwolf wrote 1 year ago

Something that would be helpful to know is you can make your own makeshift parabolic antenna to boost your signals and direct it to where you need it most around the home.

To do this, you need tin foil and perhaps some cardboard for this too, and what you must do is make a dish-like bowl with the tin foil. If you're using cardboard, you need to glue the tinfoil on to the cardboard and then cut out a curved dish-like shape, making sure it's shiny side up with the foil. It'll help to draw out the shape you want to cut out beforehand.

with your foil dish-like bowl you can either sit it behind the router if it's next to a wall to direct the signal away from the wall it's facing against. If the device had actual antennas you could of attached them to those, but since the home router doesn't you just have to make do with what you got. You should notice an increased range of the router giving you slightly better speeds than before.

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