Down load

How come my down loads on vivid are sow slow.
And I don't use Torrent of any kind.
the other week I tried to down load video card Drivers using vivid wireless but sow for a 300 mb file and gave up sow I use my my mobile Optus prepaid to down load the file with in a half hour



driver1 wrote 1 year ago

read the definition of the word "vivid" it will make you laugh.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Kudos to driver1

It's taking so long probably due to the congestion in your area since the vivid network can't handle all these users! Did it say the remaining time to download the file? Mine has gone up to 30 days remaining and that was only a 300MB as well haha. Gave up in the end, connected to my iPhone 6 hotspot that's on Telstra with "Real" 4G speeds that are over 100mbps and the download was finished in a few minutes.


badfreddy wrote 1 year ago

I don't believe we should always blame congestion.
Vivid give low priority to Down load and up dates even my Galaxy tab update quicker hot spot to my phone 3G.
How about vivid give your view .
we know you read this forum.
I would be bless if i was using 4G


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

It may just come down to prioritisation (which is a factor in any perception of "congestion"). A lot of traffic is categorised as Best Efforts priority. This means more-or-less that each packet is treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Some traffic gets a higher priority. I don't have the details on exactly what that means, but its my belief that this would apply to send/receive of email (SMTP traffic) and similar.

So ... when you say "vivid gives low priority to download" ... most download traffic is just the same as any other bit of traffic. I do know that they don't apply specific rules to specific sites, so the prioritisation is based on the type of the traffic not on where its coming from or going to.

There are specific types of download, such as torrents, which may well suffer more because of the nature of the way the client software operates, but a regular HTTP download would not normally run any slower than any other bit of traffic.


Davada wrote 1 year ago

they need more towers to break up congestion or they need to stop signing people up because the cant provide even half decent speed for the customers they already have

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