Illegal Mobile Repeater

An illegal mobile repeater has been identified by Telstra that is being used in my area. It is being used to connect to multiple Base Stations but it is affecting Telstra mobile services in the area, Voice and Data. This customer is most likely to be on the vividwireless network as it is 'easy' to connect an external antenna to the home gateway, but I'm not 100% sure. On the Telstra Mobile network, the speeds have degraded dramatically as basic applications such as Facebook/Twitter can't load Photo's and Video's along with YouTube. Speeds of below 1mbps is disgraceful for Telstra and it needs to stop. Even though this is not a Telstra forum, the customer is most likely to be on the vividwireless network. Is there anyway to determine where this user is located? Does anyone know what the illegal mobile repeater looks like? Would it be obvious to see when driving in my neighbourhood?
Telstra are also trying to identify where this user is located since the 17 February, when it was first discovered, but the Telstra technicians have had no luck.



SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Update from Telstra: "We have already sent the best network engineers that we have to resolve the problem. However, they are still waiting for some parts coming from a different country to totally eliminate the congestion and the slowness of our service."

Hopefully this will fix the issues for the Telstra Network. vividwireless customers go to the extreme measures to take advantage of the unlimited quota.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I am not sure why you would think that it would be on the vividwireless network. For starters, Telstra and vividwireless use different frequencies.

If it is Telstra who actually think it is something on the vividwireless network, then I would suggest they should be talking directly to the network engineers at vividwireless.

I have no idea what a "mobile repeater" would look like, but at a guess it would just be an antenna up on someone's roof. Things like that can be placed inside the roof cavity though, so if someone is deliberately trying to conceal it, it could be very hard to find.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

@SumDude, How did you hear about the "illegal mobile repeater"? Is there any link that you can post for us to read.

I would agree with Frosty that if Telstra thought the problem was with Vividwireless, then they would speak with Vividwireless engineers or someone within the organisation.

Telstra have their "best engineers" already working on the Telstra network, not just for this but for the whole of Australia after the last outage that occurred.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

@Frosty, I know it's werid how Telstra think it's someone on the vividwireless network, since vivid has unlimited data people take advantage of it. Vividwireless and Telstra do use different frequencies but the mobile repeater may be still broadcasting a Telstra signal even when connected to the vividwireless network.
@ozzcaddy, there is no article as Telstra would probably not like to share this information with the public. I discovered this information since I called Telstra personally as the network has been slow, Telstra looked at the network engineers notes for my area and reported back.
Also, yes. The Telstra Network has started undergoing a major process and engineering review of the network, which includes global network experts. Heads up, Telstra was being attacked in the cyber world yesterday by stress tests from multiple IPs using a DDoS attack method. Yesterday after a few hours after it started i enquired what's happening and the message from Telstra I quote: "They are already tracking where the attacks are really coming from. It seems that the attacks are being sent from a fake IP Addresses." The attacks where coming from all parts of the world, sounds like a BotNet was involved.

Due to the major network outage on the 17th March 2016, Telstra is offering 'Free Data' to all mobile customers on the 3rd April. This will allow time for the network to be fully operational and hopefully Telstra have identified the cause. Hopefully my mobile tower is back up and running on a 250mbps 4G LTE connection.
Telstra's network is one very expensive network, billions of dollars have been invested and for the network to go down, it's just not like Telstra. I must say, the network offers the best speeds and the best coverage in Australia that's why they say 'Network Without Equal'. The offer is for all mobile customers, including prepaid, so what I'm suggesting is to get a cheap $30 prepaid Telstra sim and take advantage of the unlimited data, for those who are not on the Telstra Network.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Oh well, if you hear anything more, please do post details. It's rather interesting!


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Will do Steve. An update from today from a Telstra representative sent me this and I quote: "You'll find the truth of the matter is, as I have been informed by someone who walks the hallowed corridors of Telstra Melbourne (head office), Telstra systems have in fact been hacked. They were hacked a number of weeks ago, and on several occasions since, however the memos went out to offer up different excuses so as not to alarm customers.

The bug that has been planted in Telstras systems hasn't been eliminated and can resurface randomly, so don't think it's over yet, by a long shot."

This is not good for Telstra. But hey, you never know the representative could be lying(?) :/

As for the 'Illegal Mobile Repeater' I have not heard anything. I may contact Telstra tomorrow to find out if there has been any news on what's happening.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Not sure if @Frosty or @ozzcaddy are reading these comments but I'm wondering if there are any Coverage maps for vividwireless back in 2013 or before 2015? Surely vividwireless will keep archives of the coverage maps or even older backups of their website which has that information.
Maybe a engineer at vividwireless might have saved offline copies or has access to the archives?... Could you please enquire about this information? Thanks in advance.

If I don't here a response in a few days I'll create a new thread assuming that this thread isn't monitored but I hope you still check the 'older' threads :)



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Any time there is a new post in a thread, I get to see it (well, almost always!).

My understanding of the coverage maps system is that it is more-or-less dynamically generated. They have a database of tower locations, overlaid on topograpical maps (elevation/distance/etc). Each tower would have a height for each antenna array, and the direction it is pointing. From that data the coverage is calculated by some algorithm.

So to generate a coverage map for 2013, you'd need to know tower locations for 2013. If they have saved this stuff somwhere, I suppose you might be able to get a copy by asking vividwireless support? Bit of a long shot though I think.

I just had a look at the coverage map tool on their website. The URL looks like this when I browse for Melbourne coverage:

Interesting that there is a VERSION tag. Maybe that refers to a version of tower locations; each time they change something, a new version is created? Not sure. But you could try tinkering with that ... when you paste that URL into a browser, you can see the pink coverage overlay displayed as a graphic just on its own. I tried changing &VERSION to different values; didn't notice any changes though in the output.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing on how coverage maps are generated. It's quite weird/interesting how they determine the coverage for each network.

Great find with the VERSION tag Steve!
There is a possibility that vividwireless might actually keep a backup of older versions... I also tried changing the values but nothing changed... Unless there is another option that needs to be changed in the HTML, I'm not sure.
I can find that web-address for the Melbourne area on Google, like the one you found, but no luck with Perth. Unless I go to the vivid coverage maps but the address just shows up like this:

Would any of your contacts know if there is an archive of the coverage maps on their systems? Any coverage map before 2014, I guess, will be great. Even the coverage map when vividwireless first launched... I did try with a representative with vividwireless but the person on the phone had no clue and 'can't display the information' but the representative wasn't ranked high, just a normal employee. Should of asked for someone higher up... Might try tonight or sometime in the next few days, if I get no luck on here :/

Cheers in advance.

As for Telstra's 'Current Interruption' in my area... I had an update today since I was asking if there had been any progress. Unfortunately, not. I asked "What was going on with the Mobile Interruption in my area." The representative asked for my postcode to check it out. The representative replied,
'I have checked our outage system information in the area and what I can only tell you is that we've actually flown specialists from Ericsson, Juniper and Cisco just to fix this issue. Because honestly, we don't really know why it is still recurring even though we are trying to fix everything.'


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

If you go to the vividwireless home page, click Coverage at the top, ytou will redirect a couple of times and land up at this page:

From there you can select a City, e.g. Perth, and land here:

Then enter an address. When the map displays, right click inside the map and select Properties. The URL with all the goodies is then accessible.

Regarding old coverage maps, I will ask and see what they say.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I have an answer on historical coverage maps. There are some. It is not clear how far back they go; might only be 12 months. The vividwireless Call Centre has the capability to look at historical coverage maps if the situation requires it. That is assessed on a case by case basis and would probably require escalation of a ticket to be reviewed by someone senior. So it MIGHT be possible, for a limited historical period, subject to what you want to know and why you need to know it. Does that help?


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for the clarification of the URL findings. I edited the URL on the coverage map for my address and it doesn't change when I modify the 'VERSION' value.

So vividwireless do have some archives on coverage maps... I will call them next week then, as today is Good Friday and that on the weekend the senior representatives are not in on the weekend (?), from what I could remember...

Thanks for looking into this Steve.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Update: I've actually contacted the TIO formerly and they are going to investigate my vividwireless case on why I am no longer in the coverage area, my speeds have decreased, I have not been notified about the coverage changes and that I am still paying the full amount of each bill. Hopefully this goes somewhere.

And Frosty why is vividwireless very slowly unravelling their "Something is in the Works" Banner on
This is just cruel making everyone wait :P

I might not have contacted the TIO if this new 'product/service' fixes my issue but vividwireless was too slow.
Anyway, Frosty can you 'leak' or share any information at all????? Even just the first letter of what the product/service is? Such as the first character of a new modem/router perhaps :P


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Sorry! I agreed to non-disclosure so I need to honour that commitment. Not long to wait now ...


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

You said that's it's not long to wait 3 weeks ago in another forum post... :P


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Yes, I did ... and I notice that even vividwireless website now shows a different graphic where it says "Coming Soon! Wish we could say more..." so we're singing from the same hymn book I guess.

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