The below paragraph is just me coming up with a theory that might occur. I would like to know if there is a chance this will happen.

Considering NBN will probably be available in my area next year, sometime around March. Is it possible that perhaps the majority of Vividwireless users living in my area may cancel their contract with Vividwireless to take the opportunity with signing up on a FTTN plan, and quite essentially resulting in an outcome that benefit the users who are still left using this 4G network. Cause I have always thought that the reason it is so slow for me is because so many people are using the same tower, and this congestion is negatively affecting everyone's experience I suppose, and not just me alone. Well I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing slow performance around my area, but this is just my abstract assumption that if less people are on vividwireless in my area, the better off for the existing users that still remains, in which who (including me) will probably be happier with hopefully higher speeds and stability maybe.

If what I assume can actually be the case, I hope there won't be too much people with the same idea as me and they all end up staying with Vivid. Though I doubt anyone will want to stay with Vividwireless if NBN is more superior (even though it is FTTN). Did I put too much thought into this? Meh, I got bored with studying and got frustrated with the internet speed that I just decided to write something that suddenly came to mind. The reason I am writing this up is because I can't get NBN yet until my contract expires (which is next year around June).

Will I get better speeds/performance/stability if less people are using the same tower as me?

Thank you for reading

PS. I have really good signal, so my slow internet performance doesn't seem to have anything to do with it nor have I really talked with tech support about my slow speeds since I heard that people go around in circles just talking to one and it is a waste of time. I have also experimented with changing towers, but that did no good either.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I think its quite likely that as NBN becomes available more widely, people will switch to it, reducing loads on all the other ISPs and improving performance for them too.

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