"Something Amazing is in the Works"

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, check out this link: http://register.vividwireless.com.au/register-your-interest

This announcement was completely unexpected from Vividwirelsss (Owned by Optus). Releasing a new product... I do not know how vivid can even withstand the amount of pressure on the Vivid infrastructure at the moment with the current amount of users and yet they are releasing a new 'product' which will attract more customers into their congested network and decrease the speeds even more. I am in Perth and when comparing the Vividwireless network to the other capitals in Australia the speed is a lot faster.

Has anyone heard anything about this 'product' vividwireless are wanting to release? Anything at all??




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

All I can tell you for now is that Yes, I know something about this development, however I'm not able to talk about it due to commercial-in-confidence considerations.

As I cannot directly address the questions/concerns just at the moment, all I can really say is that I'm quite comfortable with what's happening and I think that, when more information becomes publicly available, you'll understand why I have that level of comfort.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

That's understandable Steve. But is there any rough Release Date you could give us? :)

Because I don't think many people even know about it... Even the #EmpoweringYourIdeas has not even been used at all, such as on Twitter. Therefore finding information is really scarce.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Sorry, no, not at this time. A little patience will be required I'm afraid.
Vividwireless will announce the details via their website in due course I'm sure.
Given that they've already made some teaser info public, one would expect that they have a communications plan that will roll out the infomation according to a particular timetable ... that's how these things seem to work most of the time.

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