speed maylands

initially receiving great speeds and signal strength now after approx 1 month slowing down below 1mbps and signal strength varying , home gateway in same position
requency: 2318000
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:63:00
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal
Uptime: RSSI: -75.93dBm
CINR: 19.16/12.95(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 27dBm



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

There was a Planned Outage this morning in Maylands North - see this Post:

I don't know if you are in the same area where the planned outage occurred, let us know if there is any improvement in your speeds since this morning.

Looking at your stats, your RSSI (signal strength) is on the weak side, and your CINR (quality signal) is also down, which may be due to the RSSI. Have a read of this FAQ to understand what RSSI & CINR are and the necessary stats to have a good signal:

Have you tried either relocating the Home Gateway or do micro rotations in its present position, and see if those stats improve.


tommyball wrote 2 years ago


thanks for the information have tried moving it around but to no avail , speed dropping to 24 kbs per second any ideas ???


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Can you answer the questions on your connection in this FAQ, even though you have provided information in your original post.

Item 5 in the FAQ ask for list of tower frequencies, this can be helpful if your modem can see multiple towers.

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