Vivid Cancelled Me

Vivid is cancelling my Wimax service, no LTE is available and Optus has none either. How am I going to get internet??

Too far from the exchange for ADSL !



Jalinurr wrote 1 year ago

Where abouts are you located?

My housemate got the cancellation email, I didn't. We're both on Vivid, in the same darn house with separate connections.

Called their customer service and they assured me if I didn't get the email I'm not losing service... :/ :/ :/

I want to try whatever the heads of this company are smoking, their business plan blows my friggen mind.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Jalinurr, the emails have been carefully targeted to people based on service address and possibly some other factors.

Do both you and your housemate have your modems registered to the sameaddress where you are now?

Do both you and your housemate connect to the same tower? (BSID?)

Do both you and your housemate have the same kind of service (e.g. both Unlimited plan, or do both of you have VOIP)?

Do you have a correct email address registered with vividwireless?

If you do, then I would encourage you to follow this up again with vividwireless and give them a call. On the face of it, this does look very odd and I wouldn't want you to end up losing service because an email wasn't delivered (e.g. caught up in a spam trap) or something like that.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

SpotHound, that's an unfortunate result for you. You may need to look at a different network such as Telstra to see if they can provide 4G coverage.


SpotHound wrote 1 year ago

Telstar is double the price for 10% the bandwidth.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

How far outside of the coverage area are you?


SpotHound wrote 1 year ago

About 5 houses.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

It would probably be worthwhile getting one of the LTE modems anyway and seeing whether and how well it will connect. If it were me I would give vividwireless a call and ask them it they will send you a new modem anyway. Find out what exactly the process is, because you don't want them cancelling your existing service prematurely.


rolly692 wrote 1 year ago

I got the cancellation email from vivid wireless as well saying I am not in a coverage area I have been with vivid for 6 years and haven't had any issues with their service. I am using the Home Gateway with an external antennae on my tv antennae and it gives me full signal coverage all the time now they want to cancel my service the thing is I typed neighbors addresses in the coverage checker on vivids website and all the houses opposite mine can get it we are talking 10 meters away from my front door the houses on my side of the street one either side cant get it but then the houses from them can get coverage.I have spoken to vivid-wireless about this and they cant give me an explanation as to why people around me can receive it and I cant even with an external antennae I would get the signal.I tried to get them to send me the new modem to try it but they still refuse to do so.The area we live in is on a RIM and we cant get any fixed line connection to our house we have a fixed phone line but no internet available thats why I have been using Vivid ,15 mins to Perth and cant get an internet connection We have tried everybody Optus may be able to give us wireless its the same modem as vivids for their LTE upgrade so lets see very disappointed with vivid-wireless for no assistance in this matter after 6 years of using this service


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

rolly692, if you want to contact me ( and give me some details, such as your Name, Address and a Contact Phone Number, I would be happy to see if I can help. I know the people at vividwireless who look after this migration/cancellation process, so perhaps I can get them to look at your situation in detail ... and I am particularly interested in the details of why the system thinks you cannot get coverage.

SpotHound, you might want to do the same and send me your details as well. If I am following up one issue, it's just as easy to do another; 2 for the price of 1 deal.


Jules wrote 1 year ago

Hi Steve

I was reading this thread with interest as we've been with Vivid for about 6 years (Hamersley WA area) and the Vivid website shows we're not in the LTE coverage area - note, we haven't received a cancellation email from Vivid so I'm hoping this means our WiMAX connection will continue for the moment, which I'm very pleased about as we had all sorts of trouble trying to get broadband in the past due to lack of space at the exchange etc.

However, as per Spothound and rolly692's posts, houses close to us ARE showing as having LTE coverage - i.e. all the houses along our street, up to and including our next-door neighbours do have it, the house directly across the road (which is on a corner) doesn't nor the two houses past them or several houses alongside them on the side street but the coverage "kicks in" again about 5 houses along that street, so it all seems very odd! Just thought I'd mention it as you said you were interested as to why the system may be showing in these situations that some addresses are covered and some aren't.

Am happy to email details of street addresses etc to you if required.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Thanks Jules, that certainly does sound a little odd. My understanding of how these things work, which may or may not be correct, is that it is calculated based on things like: location of towers, topology (elevation, hills and valleys), that sort of thing. So I can imagine that depending on where the hills and valleys are, there might be a "shadow" cast, if you can imagine what I mean, such that particular houses and so on might be considered marginally out-of-coverage. e.g. maybe it even considers things like two-storey houses which are in line between a tower and a target residence? I don't know for sure; I am pretty much speculating. I would also expect that this would become more of an issue towards the fringes of coverage areas. Does any of what I've written above make any sense when you actually look at the houses and what is around you?


Jules wrote 1 year ago

Hi Steve

That explanation certainly makes sense, but unfortunately not in relation to the "topography" around here. There are no hills or valleys and there are practically no 2-storey houses anywhere around here. We are at the bottom of a mild slope in the street, but the two houses next to us (which have cover) are on the same level as ours, and the houses go in a gradual slope to the top of the street. Just beyond the 3 houses opposite us, the road takes a 90 degree turn and rises to the top of another gradual slope where it takes another 90 degree and continues on - along that stretch and up to the t-junction with the side street that I mentioned in my previous post, there appears to be no coverage, even though many of the houses are on the same level as the surrounding streets (which seem to have coverage).

As I mentioned, travel up that side street (which starts opposite the house next to us) and coverage starts again about 5 houses along for both sides of the road, reach the t-junction and turn left - according to the Vivid website, the houses on the left-hand side of the road have no cover, those on the right-hand side do. 4 houses along, turn left (a continuation of the street with the other two 90 degree turns) and now houses on the left-hand side have coverage ... but the first 6 houses on the right don't (and neither do the houses backing on to these on the adjoining main road), but the rest of the street and the main road apparently does. Makes absolutely no sense whatsover!


Jules wrote 1 year ago

Not sure if this is of any interest, but I've had a look on OzTowers and if you drew a straight line between the two closest Optus towers which have 2300MHz activated (which I understand is necessary for the LTE coverage?), the line would go almost straight past our house - there's a distance of maybe 2km (if that) between the two towers. A third tower nearby is apparently due to have 2300MHz activated later this year.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Then the only conclusion I could draw from that is that the houses which are "in coverage" are just marginally so, whereas yours and some others are just marginally less than what would be "in coverage". Reality is that maybe it would work fine. Hard to know for sure without trying it.

What I can tell you is that when I was sent my test unit by vividwireless, they told me that my house in Lilydale (VIC) was "just barely in coverage" and, sure enough, a get a fairly weak signal but good actual throughput. My workplace in Box Hill was "just out of coverage" and yet I also get a weak signal and good actual throughput there as well.


Jules wrote 1 year ago

Thanks, that's what I suspected. I'm reluctant to try at this stage as apparently if you activate the LTE modem, this deactivates/terminates your Wimax? (or so I've read on a couple of forums), so I certainly don't want that to happen! My husband suggested he could buy the LTE modem in his name and we could try it and return it if it didn't work, but if the connection is based on the address rather than whose name the account is in, then I don't want to lose the Wimax by accident.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I think accounts might be based around an email address, not street address, as there must be cases like share houses with multiple accounts at the one address. I'd recommend calling vividwireless and checking on that with them though, just to be sure. I've never personally been right through the registration process, so am not sure of my facts on this topic.


Jules wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for that, I'll give them a call to check.


rolly692 wrote 1 year ago

Well have just phoned Vivid again and asking for a free LTE modem to try it at least they have elevated my query as they could not give me an answer why everyone around me can get the new LTE signal and that I have an external antennae to receive the signal will see what happens Optus was a no go as they delivered the modem to someone else so I cancelled it as the person it went to activated it dont know how that works.


grdnblack wrote 1 year ago

Like others, I'm at a dead end (Aubin Grove). Only had Vivid less than a year, went with as there was no-one else available, I've emailed about trying the LTE modem before my account gets switched off, see what they say.

Telstra say if I want fixed line, I can but I need to wait on a port becoming available at the exchange - no idea on when that could be but I'd need to sign up and pay every month (potentially for something that I wouldn't have or be able to use) to be on the 'waiting list' just to get a port.

Optus told me there was no infrastructure or serviceability to my address.

No issues with 4G coverage, just far too pricey looking at having to change to a mobile package...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

If you have got Optus 4G coverage, then there is some possibility of 2300MHz coverage from their network. I would recommend you check some other addresses down the street, or in streets close by, to see if those have coverage on the vividwireless website coverage checker tool.

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