Wimax and/or LTE routers

The future of technology is constantly evolving and changing pretty much everyday, you may not see it everyday, but every 3 months or so new technology is being made and distributed for people to get and use.

So what about routers? Currently Vivid uses WiMAX technology routers, and makes me wonder if there will be a shift from WiMAX to LTE, or at least support the use of LTE alongside WiMAX. Also would be interesting to know if later down the line if customers can trade in their old Vivid routers for new upgraded ones that will come about later.

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Something else I wanted to ask, separate from above's questions;

Can you use pretty much any WiMAX router besides Vivids own distributed routers? You'll probably answer "No" to this but, hear me out. If you pretty much have all the details for setting up a different WiMAX router device with info of Vivids configuration so you can connect and use it. You have the ISP IP addresses, DNS IP, Gateway IP, as well as the EAP-TLS Authentication, and TR-069 configuration details and use that in another WiMAX router device and still connect with it?

I really wouldn't see how it wouldn't work at all since that's all the router has for connecting to the service, and would still operate the same, except for that the router itself will have a lot of different things than the device Vivid gives out to their customers. It would certainly help customers who no longer have that warranty for their router devices, which is only 12 months AFAIK? and unable to get a replacement if it breaks suddenly.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Not being that technically minded, you overlooked one point of your second question. Mac Address. You can configure the WIMAX Router to what you want, but I'm sure if the Mac Address is not supported on Vividwireless network, then it won't connect and won't work.


shadwolf wrote 1 year ago

I'm not so sure if I did overlook that, MAC Addresses are uniquely generated for every machine and device, you can't really validate a MAC address unless you've got a list to check it against which authorizes each device or machine?

However if that is even the case then you can technically change the MAC address of the device or machine.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I'm not sure of the situation, not 100% anyway, but I am fairly sure that there is a process somewhere in the system that validates whether the modem is known to be a vividwireless device. It may even be that vivid's DHCP checks the MAC against a list of known modems (I am not sure about this though).

Not sure whether you could get around that with MAC address cloning. I think there are going to be "spare modems" around capable of serving as replacements for the foreseeable future though.

Regarding your questions about WiMAX and LTE, I think its well accepted now that LTE has won that technology battle, so I would expect to see all wireless ISPs move that direction.

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