Erractic Connection and slow speed

Hi, I am from Maylands, WA. I have been experiencing erractic connection and slow speed over the weekend. Similar experience from anyone out there in Perth?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 17 weeks ago

I would encourage you to call in and speak to the support team at vividwireless. There are some known issues down around Cloverdale. Depending on where in Maylands you are and what tower(s) you normally connect to, I suppose it is possible that those issues might have affected you. Or there could be an issue in your Maylands area which is separate to the Cloverdale one.

You didn't mention whether you are a WiMAX or an LTE customer. If the latter, there's a page here where you can search to see if there are any known Optus LTE faults:


SumDude wrote 17 weeks ago

Good news. It's being upgraded... Bad news... It will be slow until the 30th April...


muzzbuzzz wrote 17 weeks ago

yeah im in bayswater on LTE and its been terrible for over a week, like my dial up was better 15 years ago, its not good enough, they dont notify any of the customers and customer service are so patronizing. im not even waiting till the 30th coz thats probably bull$#%t, i just signed up to tpg, and its half the price. vividwireless is a ripoff for a 3rd world connection. Hands down the worst isp. they can kiss my ass for the last bill, i aint payin s#%t


SumDude wrote 16 weeks ago

Bayswater is a really congested area as ADSL is really bad. Pretty sure every one is on Wireless as theres been issues on the here and other forums before, even on here issues go all the way back to WiMAX technology. All surrounding areas are the same. Ascot, Maylands, and the issue stretches all the way to Kewdale/Cloverdale area.

NBN is not expected until 2018 I believe.


Pixel wrote 16 weeks ago

I'm on WiMAX unlimited and had the same speed issues since about Easter. Thought the kids in our area were playing more during holidays, so I didn't make much of an issue because I can live without Youtube and similar high-rate sites.

Today, however, I received the disappointing news that WiMAX is going to be discontinued by early August, and I'll have to change to LTE, meaning I'll lose my phone connection. That is a big blow: where I live, VoIP plugged into the side of the WiMAX gateway is our only phone option.

Is there a technical solution that would allow me to stay connected and keep my VoIP "Landline" working?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

I think first I would recommend to chat to one of the VOIP companies. The vividwireless solution is via Engin isn't it? (I'm not 100% sure of that). Anyway, you should be able to piggyback a device off your LTE modem (or whatever solution you run with for Internet connectivity). There will be some chat about this on Whirlpool too I reckon, so keep an eye out there to see what others are thinking of doing.

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