Osborne Park Slow speeds despite "excellent" signal

Hi guys, is anyone else having any problems around Osborne Park?

Around 9pm last night my internet speeds went to a stand-still, so slow that I can't even load a simple web page.
To load speedtest.net, it took me roughly 6 minutes to just load the ads on the page. after about 10 minutes I could do a speedtest. I got 0.29mbps down and 0.20mbps up.
The amazing thing is that I have excellent signal to the tower.

Device status

WAN IP Address:
RSRP: -61dBm (Excellent)
RSRQ: -3dB (Excellent)
RSSI: >=-51dBm
SINR: 21dB (Excellent)

I'm using the new LTE modem and have been since February, with minimal to no problems.

I've just gotten off the phone from tech support and did the basic troubleshooting steps, the same steps I did last night when it wasn't working.
I've been told that it could be up to three days to have the problem sorted, this is a major problem for me as I mainly work from home and rely on a stable internet connection to do my trades.
I've had to connect my computer up to my phone's internet to continue working but this isn't ideal as I'll have a ridiculous bill at the end of the month, especially if it takes 3 days to sort out.
I hope Vividwireless will compensate for these charges as I've already lost out on a few good trades thanks to mucking about with the router for so long last night.
$250 down the drain so far and counting...

Please Vivid, fix my internet.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 8 weeks ago

Did Tech Support say what the problem was that will take 3 days to sort out?

Looking at the Optus Network Status map, there is a tower that is NE of Osborne Park that has planned work which is to be completed by 1/8/17. This work would be carried out by Optus, but can also affect Vividwireless equipment. The result would be users who normally connect to this tower would be transferred to nearby towers, which may cause congestion and slow speeds.
This would confirm by your stats of an Excellent signal with low speeds.

This is the link to the Optus Network Status map, and you need to click on the Outage Tab and type in your address or suburb/postcode.

If you click on a tower that is not Green, it will give updated details of the work being carried out..

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