Published 01/08/2017 09.01 AM   |    Updated 01/08/2017 11.51 AM

This outage has been resolved and connectivity should return as normal. A restart of the vividwireless modem may be required.

Please be advised that the following base stations are experiencing an unplanned outage.

- Oconnor
- Fremantle

Customers may experience degraded or a lack of service until this issue is concluded

START:   01/08/2017 02:25
FINISH:  01/08/2017 09:19

We thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.



Aussie2 wrote 7 weeks ago

I am getting drop outs constantly today and yesterday in North Coogee. I'm not sure if I am getting the Hamilton Hill Tower or the Fremantle tower, but full strength signal and everything good and then no internet. Frequently I have full service and then the modem goes red for minutes at a time at any time of the day. My new modem has been working fine for months since I got it but now something is wrong either with the modem or the tower. I've rung help line before and got a Gatekeeper who knows nothing about technical service. I'm not going to keep shifting the modem around the house, I have done that and still a good signal but same problems. I have a clear view of the tower here on the 1st floor and nothing other than a new building or Dinosaur in front of the tower would block the signal like it has been.
It would be great if someone was able to test this out physically instead of useless suggestions from someone in the Philipines or whatever country that has no idea what we have here.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 7 weeks ago

Which type of modem do you have Wimax or LTE?
This outage is for Wimax, which is a different network to the LTE network

Does the problem happen at all times or at certain times during the day?

How far are you away from the tower you can see?

Having looked at the Optus Network Status map, the towers are very sparse in your area, which is why I asked abut the distance.

It is the first level of support, when they ask to move the modem around and do other basic stuff, as sometimes antenna's are sometime adjusted when an outage has occured.

Can you post your modem signal specs.

Also take note of the CELL_ID when you have a good signal and speed, and when the signal is poor and poor speeds. The modem may be switching towers due to congestion on a tower, and that is when things change.

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