Booster or external antenna for VIVIFI


I'm using a VIVIFI for the Internet usage... I'm taking it with me when I'm going to work and near "Osborn Park (WA)" it's giving me a pretty good green signal and below are the other details

RSSI : -62
CINR : 18

But when i'm back home... it's very bad on the signal, and hardly going to yellow and i have to struggle a lot to even get it connected (at WA Bentley) . when it connected it works bit fine... but pretty slow...

I'm just wondering to find a solution like a External antenna or a WIMAX signal booster for the VIVIFI.. i know there is one for the USB stick, but I'm looking for the vivifi... i saw few custom maid once on the but i dnt like to try them out and destroy my device...

and i saw that the oversize manufacture have some kind of an external antennas that they sell. I'm pretty sure that will help me to reach the green goal for the connection... if any one know how to buy one or will Vivid will decide to bring a Booster or external antenna for the VIVIFI. I'll be pretty happy.

Tried the ebay and Amzone... didnt find a proper one... please let me know if some one is using an device like that.

Thanks in advance



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

You might be better off to get a 2nd device (Home Gateway) and attach it to your plan, and keep that at home. You can do this if you are not on the Unlimited plan. The Home Gateway should outperform the ViViFi. But the slowness you are getting at home isn't necessarily the ViViFi's fault. Perhaps you should investigate that just a bit more? The RSSI/CINR you posted above looks OK. What about when you are at home?


malaka.indrajith wrote 5 years ago

Thanks Frosty,

At home my

RSSI : -70 to - 78
CINR :12 to 15

Once in a while I’m getting a moderate signal, but from last 2 week my speeds are pretty bad. For a yellow light it's like

Download: - 0.25 Mbps
Upload: - 0.1 Mbps (its worst than the Dial-up)

But I guess I know the main reason for this... I'm living near the Curting uin and Canning College. So the new semesters just started, I'm pretty sure lot of international students are using the vivid in the area so the download is dam slow...

Can vivid do any thing about this (increasing the bandwidth to the Tower or something, coz I know the total bandwidth is shared when it comes to the wimax)... we are in the read zone of the covearge but not getting enough signal as well and same time I can only see 2 negiboring towers in my details

I like to try out your idea using a Home Gateway, but… if it same as my vivifi I’m kind of wasting $ 240.00.

But even we increase the signal strength from some way; this download limitation issue won’t be fixed coz of the high usage in the area.

I’m currently running on 10GB plan, other months I’m normally going over use, but this months I’m just not even near to finish the limit coz of the slowness of the internet, pretty bad.

Waiting to here some valuable feedbacks from you.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

That CINR result of 15 or less is going to be a problem for you at home. Once it drops below 15 the modem is likely to try to swap towers. Unless you can get it consistently up to around 20 or more I fear this will make the home connection an unreliable/unpleasant experience.

You mention "once in a while" that you get a better result. Can you please check the BSID value (BaseStationID) at times when it is good and at times when it is bad ... I want to see whether the BSID is changing ... and also check again the RSSI and CINR values at that time.

It is possible that there are multiple towers servicing your location. Perhaps one is heavily loaded yet gives a slightly better signal, and the other is less heavily loaded but has a worse signal ... so the modem is choosing the best signal and giving you the worse actual performance.

Yes, a large influx of students to university accommodation is observed to have an impact. They usually don't have ADSL services in their rooms, so they probably buy a wireless solution and this concentrates that load in a small area.


malaka.indrajith wrote 5 years ago

Hi Frosty,

Thanks for the reply

This is the one that's pretty slow BSID : f7:e4:11:23:81:20. it's about 12.00 midnight now, the tower looks like pretty dam loaded.. i cant even load a youtube 360p video.

Signal details are below

RSSI : -77
CINR : 14

Other than the above tower i have

f7:e4:11:23:81:21 , f7:e4:11:23:81:11, f7:e4:11:23:81:10. on my list like same RSSI and CINR is like 13 - 9

Hope you can check that out. my MAC is 00:1E:31:1C:F7:92


P.S : - planning to test out with a home gateway tomorrow, will update, waiting for a reply


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

All of those look pretty poor. Perhaps the larger anntenae in the Home Gateway will get you a slightly better result.


malaka.indrajith wrote 5 years ago

hi Frosty,

Today I'm at f7:e4:11:23:81:21 and i'm having a reasonable speed and the

RSSI : -79
CINR : 13

are something like this... but i'm pretty happy with the speed (But Signal are pretty low than previous day)

is there any way i can change the tower by manually or something. So i can move in to this tower if i feel my previous tower is slow. (other than restarting the device)

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for the previous replies.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

If that was with a Home Gateway, then yes, there's a manual process you can try which might help. Drop me an email, with a link back to this thread so I know the context, and I will send you some info. My email:

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