1.5mbs down & 1mbs up. about to throw vivid into the trash


After a number of call to your tech team, running over the same old crap: move your modem, whats the speed test saying, are you connected to the LAN, turn off wifi on the modem and retest. try a different computer. it all ends with the same result *Bad SLOW internet* now its not the connection I get full signal, and the tower has and Optus 2300mhz listed on oztowers. (my tower is 300mtr from the house)

Now when I say bad data speeds it struggles with netfix steaming on one device. I have even tried an external Yagi 14dbi tuned into the 2300mhz range. This was mainly to see if I could get data from another tower because the one near me must be on ADSL1 for the whole area.

I am lost for ideas, I have been using my Telstra mobile data, (which gets 80mbs down & 30mbs up) to download Itunes movies ect, it cost a lots and it defeats the reason of having a unlimited home 4g internet.

Thanks Wes



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 9 weeks ago

Hi Wes,

What Suburb/Postcode are you in?

Its the first level of support, when they ask you to do the simple tasks of moving the modem, speeds etc, but they need to get a base so to work from.

Did they say anything about the tower you are connecting to, like it is congested? Did you raise a Ticket with them for the problem?

You mentioned that you have checked on oztowers for tower listings. Also try the Optus Network Status map, which shows exactly where the towers are and if there is a problem with any towers. If the towers show Green - no problem, but if they show a different colour, then there is a problem. Just click on the tower and it will display the problem and what is being affected by the problem and for how long it will take to fix. See link below:


Click on the Outage Tab, input your Suburb/Postcode and see what displays.

That's my reason for asking where you are, as I would also look it up.

Post back the info asked and anything else you find.



Wes.mccartney wrote 9 weeks ago

Hi Ozzcaddy,

Just a little back ground, yes i have contacted the support office a number of times over the last 3 months. I go through the same crap (first level support) my last contact i was told to LAN connect the modem through a different PC, boot in safe mode and speed test. Same results, the funny thing is when we first got the modem it was ranging around the 15 to 20 mbs down and has gradually decreased to less then ADSL 1 Speed.

I decided to take my frustration out on this forum as if i need to go through this first level support one more time I will drive my F%$N car over the modem and do my up-most to bad name Vivid.

No just so you are aware, I have installed 3g 800mhz booster systems for my workplace in remote mining facilities. my last install was in in Nullagine WA where i managed 35km from the tower a 15 person office running on a single Telstra 3g. speeds were around 5mbs down and 3mbs up..... how on earth can I be 300mtrs away from a Optus antenna have a 4G connection and be receiving this terrible speed.

Tower location


Langford Sports Centre, Langford Avenue Langford WA 6108
Lat: -32.04694 or (-32° 02' 48")
Lon: 115.94319 or (115° 56' 35")
Elevation: 16.81m


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 9 weeks ago

Hi Wes, thanks for the extra information.

Vividwireless's maximum download speed is 10 Mbs and Upload 1Mbs.

Did you happen to have a look on the Optus Network Service map?

I just had a look and it is showing the towers around you appear OK by the colour Green of the tower. There is a tower to the East of Langford that is Red, so it has a problem.

What I would say the current problem maybe, that those people that would be normally connect to the tower that is red, have been diverted to other surrounding towers, and this causes congestion (too many connections at one tower).

Until the tower that has the problem has been resolved, I think your speeds won't be as good.

You could contact Support again and ask to have your problem escalated to the next support level.

Can you provide your IMEI.



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