Assigning internal IP address to device and flashing lights

Hello all,

New user of the vividwireless Huawei home gateway (hoping this is the right forum)

Anyway, I want to assign a set internal IP address to my NAS plugged in through ethernet on the router and I am unable to find the settings - search the forum and it seems that there is no option to do so on the device, is that correct?

If so, why vividwireless are taking the options away as certainly the device in it's original state is capable of it?

Also, the flashing wlan light on the router is rather annoying (I know, trivial but hey) All router that I used for the last 10 years had the option to control the light, again none to be avail?

Looking forward to your replies.




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 15 weeks ago

Wrong forum (but no harm done) ... I will move this to the Technical Support -- LTE forum at some point soon.

If I am understanding your request correctly, you're right, I cannot see any way to create a MAC Address DHCP reservation, so that the device will automatically get the same IP Address every time.

You'll need to configure the NAS directly with a Static IP Address.

My modem doesn't have a flashing light. Do you mean the LAN icon light on the front? I don't have any LAN-connected devices on mine, so maybe that's why.


berto wrote 15 weeks ago

Thank you for your reply.

Yes that's correct - for the NAS. The issue I have is that I installed Linux on the NAS and at the moment if I mess up the configuration file (to assign a particular IP address) I cannot gain access to the NAS again. Hence why I am reluctant to do so.

And Yes again the lan light is flashing whenever the NAS is getting data through the router.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 15 weeks ago

As an alternative strategy, you could consider getting a separate device such as a WiFi Access Point and plug that in to one of the ethernet ports on the LTE modem. Run DHCP on that new AP and turn off DHCP and turn off WiFi on the LTE modem itself. e.g. if your LTE modem is using

* configure new WiFi AP to use

* turn on DHCP in the WiFi AP and tell it to hand out addresses in the range with a gateway = (the LTE modem)

* disable the DHCP in the LTE modem (Settings, WiFi, DHCP, Disable)

* disable the WiFi in the LTE modem (Settings, WiFi, WiFi Basic Settings, Disable)

BEFORE you do any of that, make sure you have a laptop handy with an ethernet cable connection to the LTE modem and a Static IP Address set (e.g. set the laptop IP to with gateway

I recognise that a lot of people wouldn't want to fiddle around with networking settings like that, so it might not be your cup of tea.

If it were me, I would carefully plan making the change to the NAS and then set it with a static IP address. Its a lot less effort I think.


berto wrote 15 weeks ago

Thank for your reply.

The plan to make the necessary changes to the NAS is the way to go. But at the moment I do not have the hardware to use in case the setup doesn't work so I will have to live with it for the next couple of weeks.

But why, oh why those options that are so basic aren't available??


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 15 weeks ago

I agree it's a bit frustrating for those of us with the skills to use the extra configurability. I expect it is because vividwireless want to target the service as a "take it out of the box, plug it in, it's working" thing. Most people neither know nor care about DHCP reservations.

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