Can I Change Modem?

Hi Team,

Hoping you can help please ? I wanted to purchase the ASUS 4G-AC55U Wireless-AC1200 LTE Modem Router -

My purpose of this is hoping that it will increase my current Download speed from 10mbps that Vivid is giving me as the (ASUS router) offered up to 150mbps download and 50mbps upload on 4g LTE sim network.

Am I wrong to think this way? or has the speed 10mbps a set max from Vivid?

I currently have the Huawei B315s modem.

Looking forward to your response.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 24 weeks ago

The following questions below have been copied from Vividwireless LTE FAQ support page:

Can I use another provider’s sim card in this device?
No, our device only uses a vividwireless sim card.

And the same would apply if wanting to use Vividwireless Sim Card in another manufacturers modem.

What speeds can I get?
Theoretical top speeds you can get on the vividwireless 4G LTE network is 10mbps download and 1mbps upload.

10mbps is the max download speed you will achieve from the tower, even if you could use the Asus LTE modem router.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 24 weeks ago

Hi Adam,

There's a one-to-one relationship between the vividwireless network and the Huawei B315s modems. You can't use any other type of modem with the vividwireless LTE network. The 10Mbps speed limit is a network limit, not a function of the modem specification. As you will see here:

the modem itself is capable of far faster speeds than 10Mbps.


dfg555 wrote 24 weeks ago

Would be nice if Vivid/Optus can provide the advertised speeds of the B315 but I guess the possibility of faster consumer internet in Australia is very low.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 24 weeks ago

There are other ISPs / product that do offer faster speeds, but I doubt that you'll get that higher speed in conjunction with Unlimited data *and* at a price point that many people would be prepared to pay. (I know I'm not rich enough!). The vividwireless LTE unlimited product meets a particular market need and works well for a lot of people. I know of a couple of people that have bought 2 x vividwireless Unlimited modems and they use them in tandem with a router that supports multiple internet connections, so depending on how they use it they can get up to 20Mbps max. You can read about that on Whirlpool if interested, but the cost of 2 x Unlimited modems/plans puts it out of the reach of a lot of people.

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