change towers

since there upgrading a tower near me and didnt say it was going to be an outage for some time how do you change to another tower closer to you for a better signal?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 20 weeks ago

The modem will automatically try to find a new tower. It will select the one with the best available signal. There are no settings in the LTE modem which affect this behaviour, so there's nothing for you to change, other than possibly changin the location of the modem if it is having trouble.

If the modem cannot find ANY signal at all, then you'll end up with no Internet connection at all.

When the upgrade work is completed, the modem will automatically switch back again to the tower with the strongest/best signal.

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SumDude wrote 20 weeks ago

Hi Ravenous1, are you located in the Cloverdale/Belmont area by any chance?


Ravenous1 wrote 18 weeks ago

no rockingham area

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