Connecting range extender on LTE Modem

I was wondering if I can connect the LTE modem to a wireless range extender. If so, can u suggest me any good range extenders?



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 27 weeks ago

I am using a Netgear AC1900 NightHawk WiFi Access Point. It is Dual Band (2.4GHz - Wireless mode: Up to 600 Mbps) and (5.0GHz - Wireless mode: Up to 1300 Mbps), has 3 antennas.

Does what it says and have had no problems. The 5.0GHz band is best used for HD video streaming, gaming.


TintoRoi wrote 27 weeks ago

I am looking for something basic such as this one ( would you mind telling me if this is compatible to the LTE Modem?

Thanks for the quick reply


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 26 weeks ago

Just looked at the website and watched the video, which shows plugging in the extender into a power point. Then it shows a TP Link Wireless router and pressing the WPS button to connect to the extender that is plugged into the power point.

I don't believe the small TP Link extender will work with the LTE Modem.

I'm sure the LTE Modem does not have WPS button (I haven't seen it) to automatically connect to the extender.. You normally connect the LTE modem to the wireless extender router via Ethernet cable.

Frosty may have better insight into this.

Here is a website that has the specs for the LTE Modem. Vividwireless or myself don't recommend the website, but has been provided for specifications puposes.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 26 weeks ago

I've never used WPS. Can't see a WPS button on my modem. However in my firmware, under Settings, WiFi, WPS, there is an option to Enable WPS and generate a PIN. Whether that process would work with your range extender, I am not sure.


Marmaduke wrote 26 weeks ago

There is a WPS button on my LTE modem. It's on the top edge next to the power button.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 26 weeks ago

WOW ... well done Marmaduke! ... well spotted.

I never would have found that myself, with my tired old eyes.

(and now I know that it also has a POWER button!).


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 26 weeks ago

Also well done Marmaduke. I knew there was the power button, but I needed a magnifying glass to read the WPS button.

Why don't manufacturers highlight (colour) the names of button functions instead of leaving the same colour as the body of the device.


Wayne wrote 6 weeks ago

you could allways put permanent marker on the wps button just make shor the color of the marker is operset color of the modems casing lol

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