Connecting the vivid LTE gateway to a wireless router

I previously had a ADSL2+ modem router plugged into the netgear R8000 router via bridged mode.

The Huawei B315s-607 supplied by vividwireless doesnt appear to have bridge mode and there doesnt appear to be a detailed manual which explains the other connection modes such as "lan"

Any ideas how to use the vivid device for internet only and have the R8000 router supply that internet to the rest of the house?



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

You will notice that there are 4 LAN Ethernet connections at the back with the #1 LAN connection closest to the power connection.

Within the LTE Gateway interface under Settings > WiFi> Basic Settings, you will find that the #1 Ethernet connection is Enabled (Default). and #'s 2,3,4 Ethernet connections are Disabled (Default).

So I would think that you connect the Netgear R8000 router into Ethernet Connection #1. If you wanted to enable any other Ethernet connection, you would need to login to the Gateways Interface. See below to login

Either copy/paste or type in
Username = admin
Password = Vividwireless
(all in lower case)

Follow the directions in the second paragraph to access the Ethernet connection settings.

Post back how you got on and what else you may done to get it working.


mrla (not verified) wrote 1 year ago

This wont work. The basic settings are just regarding SSID's, We need the option to turn off NAT so we can let another router do NAT and wifi etc.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Hi guys,

Bad news I'm afraid: the new LTE router does NOT support Bridged Mode.

So that means you cannot offload firewall functions to another device.

You can however still attach a WiFi Access Point and offload WiFi if you need to do so.



simonpickard wrote 1 year ago


So I want to use the LTE as a modem and then plug it into my Apple Time Capsule for the WIFI. Can this be done?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Hi Simon,
As I don't know what the function of the ATC is (I'm not an Apple guy!) I cannot say for sure, but in general:
* you can turn off DHCP in the modem and turn it on in another device
* you can turn off WiFi in the modem and turn it on in another device
So it ought to be possible to use a range of other devices with the vivid modem and off-load those functions elsewhere.


the_wizard_of_oz wrote 1 year ago

Hi guys i'm new to fhe forum but i too wish i could connect my billion router to vivid wirelessly but it only works wired but it does extend the wifi distance as i've tested this morning


the_wizard_of_oz wrote 1 year ago

i was wondering though can i put my sim card into a router that would support bridge mode and will it work online


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I believe the combination of the SIM card and the particular modem make/model/firmware are what vividwireless' systems will recognise, so no, if you put the SIM into another device, it won't connect to the network.


driftin_out wrote 1 year ago

Hey Guys, i have same issue, just waiting for my new LTE modem to arrive as i have been on the Vivid Wimax Home Router/Gateway for few years now & wanted better speeds for my network.

speedtest i was getting the following on:
WiMAX Home Router/Gateway via Wifi
downstairs 1.88mbps download - 1.00mbps upload - 64 ping
upstairs 4.13mbps download - 0.80mbps upload - 59 ping

so anyways spoke to vivid sales & they said my connection is fine & upgrading to the lte modem wont necessarily get me better/faster speeds.
couldn't guarantee me anyways the "10mbps" stated speeds.
and they couldn't tell me the max speed for the WiMAX Home Router/Gateway.

anyways my issue was the wifi range
so i got a ASUS DSL AC68U (Modem/Router) AC1900
i'm not using the dsl modem side obviousl.

which ive setup two networks one on a 2.4Ghz (upto 600mbps) and another on the 5Ghz (upto 1300mbps)
i've connect the WiMAX modem via Ethernet to the back of the ASUS Wifi Router & select that it source its Internet via the Primary WAN via the LAN Port 1.

now my speeds read via speedtest on...
5Ghz via ASUS AC68U (ethernet) to WiMAX wifi network :
downstairs 3.41Mbps download - 1.06mbps upload - 68 ping
Upstairs 3.94Mbps download - 1.31mbps upload - 69 ping

i do have the lte modem on order so my question is does this sound correct?
is there something i haven't setup right correct?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

If you are definitely connecting via WiFi to the new Asus device, and if you are getting internet access, then you have it set up right.

What you probably have though is "double NAT" which sometimes can cause issues. Still, if it is working for you, best to go with that, cross fingers!

What you should find is that when there are multiple devices trying to access the Internet via WiFi, that performance ought to be better, due to offloading that WiFi work from the WiMAX modem on to the Asus device. The CPU in the WiMAX modems is not very powerful and struggles a bit under heavy WiFi load.

Have you turned off the WiFi in the WiMAX modem altogether now? Or have you just left it turned on, but unused?


driftin_out wrote 1 year ago

So I left my wifi on my WiMAX Modem

And I just received my new Vivid lte modem today
And I've have the same setup
Ethernet cable to my Asus dsl ac68u AC wifi router
And have the dsl modem disable

I've turned the wifi on the lte modem

Is this all I have to do?

On the first setting page in the admin section for the new vivid lte modem
It says the following on the Ethernet page

'WAN/LAN 4 Settings
Note: If your product does not have an Ethernet port, you need a USB-LAN adapter.
If you set Connection mode to PPPoE + Dynamic IP, PPPoE, Dynamic IP, or Static IP, the LAN/WAN interface can be used as the WAN interface only. In this case, you can access the web interface or the Internet only through a WiFi connection or another LAN interface.'

Does this mean I have to set it to 'LAN'?

The Ethernet to my Asus wifi router works already and speed is a lot better :)


A_Narrator wrote 1 year ago

Hi guys,

I received my new LTE modem today and have just switched across from my old WiMax modem.

As I live in a two story house, my old WiMax modem was connected to a secondary router downstairs (through a wall power plug adapter) which extended the wifi range.

With the new LTE modem, this still works, but for some reason only a single device is able to connect to the internet at a time now.

Any idea why this might be the case?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Have you double-checked the IP addressing for the secondary router?

The old WiMAX modems assigned addresses in the subnet by default, whereas the new LTE modems use ... did you reconfigure either the new LTE modem or the old secondary router to match each other?

What IP addresses are being issued to each device as it connects?


abhi900 wrote 30 weeks ago

I was wondering on how would i connect the vivid modem to my tp-link archer d7 modem router ?

what settings will I need to make to utilise the far better wifi coverage capability through the TPlink modem router.

any advise



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

You could only use that Archer modem if it allows the ADSL port to be completely disabled, meaning that it doesn't attempt to route traffic to the ADSL port at all.

What you really need is a WiFi Access Point, not an ADSL Modem/Router.


abhi900 wrote 29 weeks ago

So how do i achieve superior wireless access points.. i thought archer d7's router capability would enable me to achieve that.


foo wrote 29 weeks ago

Hey guys, I just purchased a VividWirelss LTE modem/gateway and found myself in the same situation as other people here that want to use their existing WiFi router and other networking hardware and was disappointed the VividWireless Huawei B315s does not support bridge mode. However, all is not lost! I've found what works is putting the WAN port of your existing router into the DMZ of the VividWireless router. I also turned off the Vivid WiFi to use my existing WiFi setup. Using this method you are also able to use any existing port forwarding you have may have configured on your existing router.

NB: VividWireless LAN and existing router LAN must be on different subnets. E.g. Vivid uses by default so make sure your existing router LAN is set to something like


1. Plug WAN port of existing WiFi router into one of the 4 LAN ports of the VividWireless router
2. Go to web interface of existing WiFi router and find out what the assigned IP address of the WAN port is from the VividWireless DHCP server
3. Go to web interface of Vivid router and go to Settings > Security > DMZ Settings. Then enable DMZ and specify the Vivid LAN IP of your existing router WAN, if that makes sense.
4. Optional- Disable the firewall on the VividDevice since this will now be handled by your existing router. However if you plan plug devices into the LAN ports of the Vivid router, it might be best to leave this on.
5. Optional- Turn off WiFi on Vivid router if you're using WiFi on your existing router and/or APs.

Like I said before, you can now also access any services you may be running on your LAN through the existing ports forwards on you existing router.

Hope this helps!

PS Why does this forum not use https?!! Come on Vivid it's 2017 and you're passing user's personal details and logon credentials to this site unencrypted?!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 29 weeks ago

Hi foo,

There's an FAQ here:

which describes the sort of process you've mentioned above.

Regarding the HTTPS question, I am hopeful that it will be available in the next month or so; we'll be deploying an upgrade to the forums software, hopefully once people get back from work after holidays.


abhi900 wrote 28 weeks ago

Hey frosty
Did follow step by step from that link

but did not work for me.
The only exception i did was that i have only 1 laptop with ethernet port so had to switch vividmodem and my archerD9 one by one to implement the settings.

First i setup the archerD9 by going to Advanced settings (tab at the top) > Operation Mode > Wireless router mode > Save
- Set WAN to static IP > Set IP to > Default gateway to

Did the above and used subnet mask

Then i setup the LTE modem as per the link above.

Here I tried 2 things:
1. Used cable to connect LTE wan port to D9 wan/lan port and based on that all i could get from router diagnostics :
Ping default gateway - pass
Ping Primary DNS - fail
Test DNS root - Fail
NCSI - Fail

2. Without any cable between LTE and D9 but this failed all the above diagnostics.

So where am i going wrong ? how to fix it ?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

You say you "used cable to connect LTE wan port to D9 wan/lan port".

That sounds somewhat strange. But then again, I have never used this kind of setup myself. Think of it this way:

Your ARCHER is your Internal network, so you want its WAN port to connect as a client to the LTE modem and interact with the DMZ functionality of the LTE modem.

So yes, I would use the WAN port on the ARCHER.

But I would probably cable it to a normal switch port on the LTE modem. Have you tried using the LAN1 port on the LTE modem, instead of port 4 the LAN/WAN port? Not sure if that would make any difference or not.

What IP address(es) and Gateway are you using for your client devices? They should all be with Gateway =

Did you set the ARCHER as for its LAN settings?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

Further to Frosty's instructions, just check and make sure the other Port(s) are Enabled and not Disabled, by going into the LTE Modem interface.


abhi900 wrote 28 weeks ago

HI Frosty,

For D9: Static IP is , subnet : Gateway:

Also, what abt DNS settings? do i setup in D9 or use vivid's DNS into D9 if so then what DNS i should use ?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

The way the LTE modem seems to work is that it sets itself as the DNS for any clients that connect. So we don't really know what DNS servers it uses when it needs to answer queries.

I would recommend you use and as your DNS servers (Google DNS). Either that or use OpenDNS or similar.

The IP Address settings for your D9 look right. (as per your post #22 just above).


abhi900 wrote 28 weeks ago

Just wondering what the 2 antenna slots on the vivid modem are for , can I buy a antenna and plug in there to get a far better coverage around the house and if so then I dont need to setup my D9 modem/route.

If thats doable can anyone please point which antenna to be used ?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 28 weeks ago

There's a lot of discussion on Whirlpool about using external antennas with the LTE modem. I would recommend you have a read here:

Start from there and read onwards. Basically, stay away from eBay, only buy good quality gear, keep cable runs short to minimise signal loss. The guys in the forums have provided links to gear which is known to work okay.

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