Dropouts and dead pipes - 3137

Hey guys,

So I've been really happy with Vivid in the 5 months or so I've been on it. But recently I've noticed my connection becoming increasingly flakey with no change in the signal.

Started with some random ping spikes in the evenings which I figured was just the tower being under load.

Then came the random disconnects where the modem would report signal, but throughput would drop to 0 for about 5-10 seconds every 5-10 minutes or so before returning to normal. Kind of an annoyance when gaming.

Today has been by far the worst. Modem reports signal, but haven't been able to use it for most of the day, I'm currently tethered to my phone.

Optus doesn't have any reported outages for towers nearby.

RSSI: -81dBm
SINR: ~4-7dB

The three towers nearest me:



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 29 weeks ago

You are not all that far from me (I'm in Lilydale 3140). I could bring my modem over for a few minutes this weekend if you want to try and see whether it's your modem that is the problem. Drop me an email (stephen.frost@frostbyte.com.au) if you think it is worth a try.

What you were describing initially sounds like what you might expect if the modem was hopping to another tower, then back again.

But if you're not getting connected at all, that indicates a much bigger issue. It would probably either be (a) the tower has a fault they don't know about yet; (b) a hardware fault in your modem; or maybe (c) some other issue with your account (e.g. authentication).

Have you talked to vividwireless support yet? If you have, what did they say about this or recommend that you do?

I'm assuming that you have already "moved the modem around" in your house to try to force connection to another tower?

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