Horrific Low Speeds, Perth


I bought Vivid Wireless today I live in the Stirling area, hoping to get better speeds than what I was on previously. In the afternoon around 1-2pm on speedtest I was getting about 8-10 mb/s, now 10:40pm Perth time, im getting 0.80 mb/s. We can barely even use the internet without it pausing or loading every few seconds! We haven't moved the Gateway at all, why are the speeds so low?

Is there a number to call for assistance, this is far worse than our previous provider.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

There is currently a Planned Outage occurring in Carramar North, if this is near you, that maybe the cause. See this Outage notice:

If not, Tech Support is 1300 327 837

Perth Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 8am to 8pm.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

I can't see any Optus faults reported in your area. If you want to check that yourself the link is:


I just typed in 6021 as the postcode.

Your area, near Balcatta, was a bit of a problem area for the older WiMAX modems in the past. Heavy usage of the WiMAX network in the area, it was upgraded as much as possible with extra resources. Am wondering whether the same pattern is emerging with the Optus network in the area?

I'd recommend keeping track of performance at Peak and at Off Peak times. e.g. compare a speed test at 8pm with 8am. If it is consistently poor in the evenings, compared to mornings, then you're probably looking at congestion as the issue.

You can also monitor your signal strength and quality at those times, just to make sure it isn't varying significantly. If the signal is about the same, but performance drops right off, that would also indicate load as an issue.

Lastly, you might want to eliminate WiFi issues from the equation. Get yourself an app like WiFi Analyzer or InSSIDer and check out the WiFi environment, to make sure that interference from neighbours is not adding to the hassles. You'd want to ensure that the WiFi channel the modem uses is not being swamped by nearby traffic.


crowzero wrote 22 weeks ago

I changed where I put the router last night and it went back to around 10 Mbps, in the morning it was still around 10 Mbps, now at 6pm the speeds have dropped to ~3 Mbps this is what the modem says

RSSI: -75dBm

Would getting an antenna for the back of the Gateway be better in terms of speeds/signals and the wifi range?

Something like this



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago

Given that you're getting 10Mbps at times, then I would not expect this to be a signal issue, therefore I doubt that an antenna would make a difference.

This sounds more like congestion at the moment.

The way to be sure is to monitor the tower ID (Settings, System, Device Information) and see if it is changing. If it is one value when getting 10Mbps, and another value when only getting say 4Mbps, then the drop in performance is probably due to the tower switch and we can look for a way to stabilise the modem on the better tower.

Your RSSI value is about the same as mine. I get a very good result from my LTE test modem. Here are my typical values from an early-morning time:

RSSI: -79dBm
RSRP: -107dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -8dB (Excellent)
SINR: 8dB (Moderate)

RSSI is basically the strength of the signal. SINR is quality. SINR is more important in my opinion. I would recommend you try to maximise SINR and see if you can get it closer to 10dB or even more.


crowzero wrote 22 weeks ago

What would be the best way to maximise SINR? I've tried moving the modem across various spots in the house 4dB is the best I can get it


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago

There's not much more you can do than move the modem. But sometimes even a very small movement or rotation of the modem, just a little bit, can help.

In years gone by, if people were desperate to try something more, I'd suggest getting a foil-lined cardboard box with one end open, put the modem inside that, using it as a directional signal capture device. Some people even tried using a wok as a signal capture "dish" with the modem at the focal point. I've never done this with the new LTE modems yet. It hasn't been necessary.

If your modem is getting two signals from the one tower, with the signal going by two different paths (e.g. bouncing off a building somewhere or whatever) and arriving out of sync, perhaps that could impact signal quality and therefore lower performance. Eliminating one of the signal paths would improve it, by stopping that bit of the signal from reaching the modem.

BUT ... if you can get up to 10Mbps at an off-peak time (e.g. around 8am in the morning) and the SINR is still quite low (3dB or 4dB) ... then if you can only get say 2Mbps at a peak time and the SINR is about the same ... then I would think the issue is congestion at the tower and not signal-related.

This is not an exact science. Not for me anyway. I would also still recommend that you take Ozzcaddy's advice and call in to Tech Support (1300 327 837) to see if there is anything further that they can advise. e.g. about any known outages, etc. They will want to put you through a "move the modem around" process as well.

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