IPTV/Foxtel Play/Twitch slow speed

New Vivid customer here, been using the LTE modem for almost a week now in a dual wan setup with a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite paired with my original TPG 5Mbps ADSL... Everything seems pretty solid except any live video feeds running over Vivid it will load the first 5 or so seconds at above 3Mbps+ then it'll drop down to 1Mbps or lower and just hover around down there.

This occurs on Foxtel Play streams, twitch streams and IPTV related streams for now I'm able to just create a rule set so when I want to watch these streams I can use TPG but I'd prefer if the issue was resolved on Vivids end so I can let the Edgerouter decide for itself.

Please look into this it's not just a Peak time issue it's occuring no matter what the time of day is.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Hi Brendan,

Your problem is a bit out of my knowledge, but you can check a couple of things in the meantime that will assist Frosty when he reads your post.

When speeds drop after a very short time, it sometimes contributed to the modem changing towers that it is connecting to, due to what is being downloaded, in your case streaming.

If you log in to the modems interface prior to any streaming beginning and take note of the Cell_ID that appears on the page displayed right hand side.
Once you begin streaming and the speed drops, check again the Cell_ID to see if it has changed. Note the new Cell_ID

Also, this FAQ from Vivids LTE Support page, https://www.vividwireless.com.au/support-faq#t67n185

scroll down to Home Networks and WiFi > What is the best network performance value for my device. Compare your signal values to that shown in the table, to see how good your connection is.

Post back about if the Cell_ID changes and what your signal stats are.



brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Cell ID: 39866642
-108dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -10dB (Excellent)
RSSI: -77dBm
SINR: 5dB (Moderate)

The above changes slightly in all values but generally it's fairly stable with 2 bars signal best spot I've found for the device so far it's gaff taped to the window in the direction of the tower and positioned in the best area I could find, haven't had any issues with throughput for other sites youtube loads at full 10Mbps pretty well most of the time.

Foxtel play did stream over Vivid for abit earlier this afternoon throughput didn't seem to bad at the time around 3Mbps.

Just checked Cell ID doesn't change when enabling a stream remains the same as above.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Sounds to me like network management kicking in to action? Vividwireless do prioritise certain traffic (e.g. HTTP, SMTP) over others (e.g. HTTP download, FTP, etc). Most traffic is classified Best Efforts, which pretty much means first come, first served.

If you use ONLY your TPG ADSL do you get a steady data stream at/around 3Mbps, or does it also vary somewhat after the initial buffering?

Does the lower speed around 1Mbps via vividwireless cause problems with viewing the streamed content? e.g. does it repeatedly pause and re-buffer?


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Streams over TPG will utilize all available bandwidth upto my ADSL sync of 5Mbps so I always get a good streaming quality over TPG... Vivid does seem to be using network management as you mentioned for Foxtel play it will continue to work but the quality is sub 480p or 1Mbps during peak early this afternoon it was averaging 3Mbps... IPTV streams can refuse to work all together as alot are HD only and do not adjust quality on the fly like foxtel play can.


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Also I find it strange how Steam will download games at full speed 10Mbps on Vivid no matter what the time is yet this network management kicks in for livestreams you would think it would be the other way around livestreams requiring better QoS over game downloads.

Update: Last night streaming IPTV seemed to have come good on the Vivid unsure if it's permanent or new dynamic IP or non peak hour will try again earlier tonight and see if the performance is still good.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

There is another possibility that occurs to me, which is the route that the traffic is taking from you to/from the streaming source. When vividwireless do network updates which change their core infrastructure, traffic can be switched in different ways. e.g. the route out might change for a Perth user, from Perth to going via Melbourne (or whatever). Then after the work is completed, they'll switch it back again. You might notice this if you get a very different IP Address (public IP). Or it might only show up in a traceroute? I agree that you'd normally expect streaming stuff to perform better than downloads of files. Maybe keep a log for a few days, of dates/times and IP address of your LTE modem, correlated with streaming performance, to see if there's changes and/or a pattern?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

From today Foxtel has introduced "Foxtel Now", which is a new group of streaming packages that begin at $15 per month. They are trying to get subscribers back from Netflix, Stan and others.

I would imagine more streaming will be occurring, creating more tower congestion.


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Cheers guys for getting back to me, the service seems to have lower throughput of an early evening xbox is doing some updates while in standby at the moment and it's around 2-3Mbps over Vivid.

I'm leaning more towards it's a tower congestion issue which I thought wouldn't be the case given most around here have NBN :( Not bad enough for me to deactivate the service though 3Mbps during peak along with the 5Mbps from TPG I can deal with during peak times seems to be from around 4pm - 11pm is the worst.

Cell ID remains the same aswell


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Regarding the routes the traffic takes I have yet to check that might look into it though

Also a thing to note is the signal from the Modem/Router during the day and late at night it's been fairly stable at 2 bars with little fluctuation at the moment it's 1 bar and fluctuating a fair amount might also be contributing to the lower throughput.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

If you can get the SINR value up to at least 10db or greater, you will find you will get a better constant speed.

Just by doing micro-rotations of the modem in its position can improve the signal, monitor the SINR to see if it changes.

Its a bit of trial and error that I and many others have gone through.


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

I spent a good few hours finding a good position for the router guessing I'll have to try again haha bit hard in the position it's at the moment to rotate it since it's gaff taped to the window. The SINR at the moment is 0-1db (moderate) it does go upto 5-6db I'm unsure if I could get it to 10db without external antennas I tried using wifi omni directional antennas and that was fail no signal or barely any and don't have any directional panel antennas to try out.

Only 2 windows in the house facing the direction of the tower I've tried the other windows with little luck

Been in a rental property I can't just go on the roof and start installing a mast and stuff although that would be the best option haha


brizbrenz wrote 11 weeks ago

Haven't moved the device just started another steam update for a game and it's running at full speed 10Mbps

RSRP: -109dBm
RSRQ: -12dB
RSSI: -75dBm
SINR 1-2dB

Foxtel play running over Vivid was only pulling under 1Mbps :(


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

I'll send an email to my contacts to ask whether there are any known issues with performance of Foxtel Play.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 10 weeks ago

Got a reply back in near record time! A paraphrased version of the response follows, from one of vividwireless' senior network engineers:

----------- paraphrased response

I have had no issues regarding Foxtel Play come across my desk.

I don’t believe it’s very popular, even if you have Foxtel IQ. Personally, when my Foxtel was out and it was recommended to use Foxtel Play, it was pretty shocking over a 14Mbps ADSL connection.

The traffic should be Best Efforts (like nearly everything else) ion the network management (only P2P is an exception).

Is the customer able to supply his IMEI and run Foxtel Play over a certain period and let us know, so I can see what its traffic signature is?

Finding out the source of the content would be nice too, I would imagine it would be coming from some CDN like Akamai. Not sure if the customer would be able to run a netstat –abn and find out which is the source of the content? Wireshark is good for that.

Anyway let’s start with the IMEI and getting the customer to run Foxtel Play and let us know the time and date and if he could find out the source of the content that would be helpful and show us a trace route to it from his device.

----------- end paraphrased response

So if you'd like to follow this up further:
(1) IMEI of your modem; and
(2) date/time when you'll use Foxtel Play so vivid can monitor what happens
(3) netstat -abn
(4) tracert output


brizbrenz wrote 10 weeks ago

Haven't forgotten about this just got to get round to doing it, as I'm using Foxtel Play/Now on Xbox One only I can't provide speciifc details through command prompt but I'll find the destination IP for when I'm streaming so I can provide that along with tracert to that IP and IMEI.

Might do it later tonight when less traffic is occuring over the network so I can easily find out via packet capture.

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