Lag issues with AU Minecraft server - throttled?

Hi guys,

Hoping to get a bit of info about what I can do with this weird issue I have. We have a Minecraft server hosted in a Sydney DC. I am based in Brisbane. My pings to the server IP average around 40 - 70ms for the most part. My pings to my LAN equipment are between 2 and 6ms. However I am constantly having massive rubber band issues when I log in to this server to play.

Is there a possibility this traffic is being throttled? Nothing else is using my internet connection at the moment. I have restarted the router, no dice.

What else can I possibly do? My friend who is also using this server is experiencing none of these lag issues - and the server terminal service I'm watching shows no CPU or RAM issues.




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 32 weeks ago

vividwireless don't throttle, other than with the 10Mbps/1Mbps bandwidth limitations.

vividwireless do have network prioritisation, though I am not sure how that works with the LTE setups; I only have experience with the older WiMAX network. It is Optus that provide the underlying LTE network. If there was network prioritisation in place, the traffic would be getting treated as Best Efforts ... this is the standard prioritisation level for nearly all traffic.

If you wanted to try to take network management out of the equation as much as possible, you could try some kind of VPN solution to hide/encrypt/tunnel the traffic until after it exits vividwireless'/Optus' network.

My best guess though is that it would be to do with tower loads. Test at 8am (off Peak) and compare with 8pm (Peak) to see if the behaviour is consistent. If 8am performs a lot better, probably tower load is the cause.

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