Lan port doesn't work

I tried connect my IMAC though Lan port, but it doesn't work. Wifi connection running well.
Could you help me to solve it please? Cheers.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 37 weeks ago

Hi David,

For troubleshooting, suggest eliminating possible causes one by one. e.g.

(1) use a different ethernet cable, or test that ethernet cable with a different computer or switch (eliminate possibility ethernet cable is faulty)

(2) see whether the iMAC can connect to a different device successfully via ethernet (eliminate possibility iMAC LAN port is faulty)

(3) try connecting a different computer to the same LAN port on the LTE modem (eliminate possibility switch port on LTE modem is faulty)

(4) try connecting iMAC to different LAN port on LTE modem (try all 4) in case just one of them is faulty

(5) make sure the iMAC LAN port is configured to obtain an IP Address via DHCP (not a static IP Address)

(6) make sure you have not inadvertently configured a MAC Filter in the LTE modem settings (connect via WiFi, login to as 'admin' password 'vividwireless', go to Settings, Security, MAC Filter, set to Disable) ... note: "MAC" in this context means the hardware identifier of the LAN port on your computer(s).

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