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Hi all,

I'm new to the vividwireless service. Recently set up the modem and managed to find the sweet spot which gets me around 2-3 bars of coverage.

Typically I am able to reach the advertised speeds of close to 10mbps/1mbps but despite this, I occasionally run into latency issues when playing World of Warcraft on the Oceanic realms.

On a good day, I get around 30ms/30ms (Home/World) latency, and around 30ms/250ms when I am connected to an American server.

At times though, I log on and its a very high figure, especially if I have any sort of torrent traffic in the background (even if the torrent is merely pulling using 10kb/10kb type speeds).

It spikes the latency to a point where disconnection is imminent - around 2000ms/3500ms - basically unplayable - even though I can still reliably do other activities like streaming HD video etc.

I'm just wondering if there's anyway I could improve the reliability of traffic going to the Blizzard/WoW servers? Would port forwarding help? Is there some sort of QoS in the backend messing with WoW when torrents are running?

I never used to face such issues when using an ADSL2+ connection - just would like to understand what's happening. Cheers



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 34 weeks ago

Run a traceroute to the server in question, once when it is Normal and then again when High Latency ... and compare the path the traffic is following ... maybe there is an outage at that time which is sending traffic via a longer less optimal path.

Another possibility is that you're being sent to different physical servers, depending on the name resolution. Do you nominate a server by Name or by IP Address?

Yet other possibilities include: downloading of patches/updates happening in the background; downloading of antivirus definitions in the background, multiple users on the connection (e.g. other people in the house, other devices using the WiFi), and so on.

If it isn't caused by any of that, then it is possible that it is network management. Vividwireless do prioritise traffic. e.g. a few types of data will be classified as Normal priority, which is higher than Best Effort priority. Most data will be treated as Best Effort. But in all the cases I recall where network management was suspected, there is only one (1) some years ago where it was found to be incorrect classification of data. All the other cases proved to be expected behaviour, due to heavy loads on the tower at the time, or other factors such as what I've described above.


wolfspirit wrote 34 weeks ago

So to clarify, I typically should not experience heavy degradation in latency quality while there is any sort of reasonable torrent traffic?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 34 weeks ago

That's a difficult question to answer. It depends on available bandwidth between you and the tower, from the tower back to the core network, as well as modem resources (CPU or RAM).

If it were me, I would limit torrent traffic at times when good latency is important for other traffic like gaming. Although torrents are often low bandwidth, there can be a lot of connections. This would be consuming CPU resources in the modem as well, which could impact performance.

If you turn off your torrent client, then continue to get the same symptoms, then you know the root cause is probably not the torrent client.

You'll probably also need to compare performance at different times (e.g. 8am vs 8pm) to eliminate peak time loads as being the cause ... my first guess would usually be that this is a major factor.

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