Low speed and unstable signal + irresponsible customer service.

Hi there. I live in Melbourne CBD and I have an extreme issue with my Vividwireless modern that I received 3 days ago. The speed is very slow and the signal is not stable which is disconnected many times in one day. 4G signal showed in modern is always around one or two although I put modern near window or even balcony.
When I used Speedtest to test it, usually the download speed is around 1-2 mbps while upload one is just less than 0.1 mbps. in the website, the RSSI is -77dBm and SINR is around -3 to 2dB.

I called to the Vividwireless technical support in the afternoon and then, the girl in the Service centre said that my SINR is too low because it is negative at that moment (-2dB) so she suggested me to test again by putting modern in another location. If the issue is still happened, call them back and she will tell me how to refund because it is still in 14 days.
in the evening, when I called back to service centre, after I told the problem, the new girl responded to me that there is no any refund because my SINR is still positive ( at that time, it is 2dB). I repeated that Vividwireless suggested me to call back as well as refund, she even said " I am NOT the girl suggesting to you about refund at that time" . How could you tell to customer in that way ? I think no matter what, both of two girls are the Vividwireless customer service guys who should take the responsible when suggesting something to customer.
by the way, I still asked her how I can improve the SINR and there was still normal answer " put it near windows, avoid electricity devices" .
Is there any guy who know how to fix this problem ? Please help me. Because I afraid that I cannot tolerant well with unstable signal in next 2 years while I spend $89 per month for this. Thank you so much.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Can you provide cross streets of where in the Melbourne CBD you are, as there are 5 Optus towers that have a problem, These are positioned between Albert & Flinders Streets, near Lansdowne Street.

Have a look on the Optus Service Status map, enter your address and see if there are any towers near you that might be red.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Lets see first whether the outages that Ozzcaddy mentioned are the cause of your problem.

I also would recommend that you leave the modem turned ON overnight, just in case it is trying to download an install a firmware update.

If the problem is just because of your location, I may be able to help you. If that is the case I will get you to email me, but first let's see whether the problem fixes itself.


duonghuynh wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi ozzcaddy-MODERATOR and Frosty-MODERATOR.
My post code is 3053 and my house is on the 488 Swanston st near the Queensberry st. Following you guys suggestion, I had a look on the Optus map where there are two towers near my house. One of them is yellow one (on Victoria st near Cardigan st) and the others is green ( in the corner of Swanston and Victoria st). But I don't know which one will be the nearest tower for my location.
Now I just checked again the SINR and it showed the result is -9dB (2:48PM).


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Thanks for providing further details. Looking at those 2 towers, they look equal distance from you. Your modem could be switching between the 2 towers which would cause poor and erratic speeds.

If you click on the orange tower icon, there is planned maintenance upgrade by Optus between 14.3.17 - 17.3.17. Even though this upgrade may not involve Vividwireless, it can affect Vividwireless equipment.

If you monitor the Cell_ID in the modems interface and see if the number changes. If it changes, it confirms the modem is switching between towers.

What you will need to do is note the Cell_ID that has poor speed and the tower that has reasonable to good speed. Then its a matter of trying to lock on to the good tower.

Its a slow process of identifying the cause.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

RSRQ on my modem generally sits at -6dB or -5dB. Ozzcaddy, for comparison, what about yours?

ALSO ... just double-checking ... this post is in the WiMAX forum ... do you have one of the new LTE modems, or one of the old Home Gateway WiMAX modems?

If a new LTE modem, I will move this thread to the LTE forum.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi Frosty, My RSRQ is showing -5dB on the Test Modem.
I have sent you an email on this.

On my own LTE Modem, the following values are:

RSSI = -81dBm

SINR = 12dB



duonghuynh wrote 23 weeks ago

Yes, maybe i posted in wrong forum. Sorry, please change it. It is new modern that I received via mail last week.
and my RSRQ is showing -9dB.
RSRP = -103 dBm
RSSI = -71 dB
SINR = -1 dB


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi duonghuynh,

we need to get your SINR to at least 11dB and above. The other signal values look good.

Using the signal values that you have posted as a starting point, with the modem in its current position, can you just do micro rotation of the modem.
Whilst monitoring specifically the SINR, but also keeping an eye on the other signal values to see how much they change.

If the values change dramatically, see if the Cell_ID changes, that would indicate the modem has switched towers.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi duonghuynh,

Can you please post the IMEI number that is in your modems interface.
(It is under Device Status > 3rd line down).

Also, can you post the Firmware (Software) Version.
You will find this under the Settings Tab > System > Device Information.

We are going to see if we can have your connection looked at by the Vividwireless technical people.



duonghuynh wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi ozzcaddy-MODERATOR
Thank you for your suggestion. I rotated and put modern in different places in my house, but it seems it doesn't change too much. The SINR is never reached above 8dB. and when I paid attention to Cell_ID related to tower, it changes indeed but the values don't change dramatically. the difference between two Cell-ID is not too much.

My IMEI number is 866854023159026.
Hardware version: WL1B310FM04
Software version: 21.313.03.02.1385

Thank you


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Thanks for the information requested and update on your SINR.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi duonghuynh,

Your problem has been escalated to Vividwireless Engineers for them to look and run diagnostics on your modem.

For them to do so, you will need to leave your modem on all the time.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 23 weeks ago

Hi duonghuynh,

Have been advised to tell you to contact the Call-centre and they will go through the diagnostic results, suggestions and any local issues such as WiFi congestion around you.

Frosty had suggested to another customer the following:

you might want to eliminate WiFi issues from the equation. Get yourself an app like WiFi Analyzer or InSSIDer and check out the WiFi environment, to make sure that interference from neighbours is not adding to the hassles. You'd want to ensure that the WiFi channel the modem uses is not being swamped by nearby traffic.

You may find that there are multiple WiFi signals using the same Channel as you, that is interfering with your connection.


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