LTE Modem No WiFi after restart

I purchased a new modem from a large retailer in Perth. After a week the modem started to take a few restarts before WiFi was visible.
Ended up that the SSID would not be available at all. Took it back to the retailer and they swapped it... all good no problems.
I recently bought a second-hand modem for another location. All good working ok. All of a sudden this one is doing the same thing.
I have since. Factory reset three times. Activated other SSID's on the wireless, changed the SSID name. Activated the magic key generator button. Nothing works.
It's either I have been very unlucky or this is an inherent fault with the device model. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any fixes???
It was running the latest version, also LAN direct is working.
Only happens after a restart,



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 9 weeks ago

Shaun, what Suburb/Postcode are you?

Did you check the Vividwireless Coverage Map, to ensure you are within coverage?



Shaun wrote 9 weeks ago

I have Internet. Modem works fine. Pulling up to 9.6 MbPs.

The problem lies when I change the SSID on my WiFi. At that point, the WiFi SSID disappears and I cannot find the SSID in the list (on my Computer available WiFi List).

Assuming that the SSID somehow became hidden I changed my socket settings to connect even when the SSID was not visible. No difference.

If I connect via the LAN there is full service, full internet.

WiFi Light is on during this whole process.

Update: I reset the modem this morning and I am able to find the Factory WiFi. I since set the second SSID to the name I want and removed SSID broadcast on the primary. This seems to be working.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 9 weeks ago

Thanks for the update.

When people use the LAN, they sometimes disable the WiFi on the modem, and when that is done, you will not see that SSID on your computers list of available WiFi networks.


Wayne wrote 6 weeks ago

best bet is to keep wifi on even if your connected using ethernet but if you still have wifi issues best to move the modem or maybe get in contact with a tec staffer who could see what the issue is if it bad a engineer will be needing your modem info but if it isn't serious it might be that the modem is jumping to the next available tower anything there maybe frosty or ozz can guide you through the miner things

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