LTE Modem odd issue

Woke up this morning and found my LTE modem has all of a sudden become unbranded and reset.

No vivid branding in the setup now (just Huawei) and says connected to Optus.

Setup login/pass now admin/admin (took me a while to work that out, haha)

Doesn't seem to affect anything (ie net still works), just a pain to setup all the wifi guff again.

Anyone else experienced this or support guys know why this would have happened?



carlinperth wrote 10 weeks ago

Just reading some other threads, seems its a hard reset that does it (not that I did a hard reset).

Bit odd for a Factory Reset to zap all the vivid content off it..


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 10 weeks ago

There was a Firmware (Software) Update. Yes the Re-Branding and the New Login/Password were changed. No prior notice was given about the update, as it was a small display change, except for the login/password.

Other settings that you have changed within the modem prior to this latest update will remain, unless you have done a factory reset. If you did a factory reset, then yes, ALL previous settings that you made would be lost.

I never had to do a factory reset. I turn my LTE modem off every night, and none of the settings that had been made were affected.

These are the previous and latest Firmware (Software) versions, so you can compare. Which you can find under Settings > System > Device Information

Old: 21.321.03.00.1385
New: 21.321.03.01.1385


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