NSW Killara Very Slow

just got my device for 3 days, tried all corner of the room, max download speed only 2~3 Mbps.

should i return the devices?

Cell_ID: 35711258
RSRQ: -14dB
RSRP: -120dBm
RSSI: -85dBm
SINR: -5dB



gui1 wrote 21 weeks ago

what possible should i try?>

Extended antenna?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 21 weeks ago

Hi gui1, There are going to be times where you will not obtain speeds that your expecting. Most of the times it relates to congestion at the tower that your modem is connecting to. Congestion normally occurs from 4pm onwards. Since Netflix, Stan and other online entertainment sites became available, they have contributed to slower speeds, due to the number of subscribers.

If you can do speed tests in the morning and in the early evening, so there is a comparison of speeds. It would be expected the speed in the morning will be faster than the evening.

2-3Mbps is acceptable and you would not be able to return your modem on those grounds.

Having a quick look at Killara area in general using Optus Service Status map, there is a mix of towers that are OK, but some have a problem. Click on the link below and put your address in to see what towers are near you. If the tower icon is either Red or Orange then that may be the cause of slow speed, click on the tower to find out more information.


You can contact Tech Support, who can look at your connection.
1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.



gui1 wrote 21 weeks ago

THanks very much, i will contact them

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