Hello I'd like to setup open DNS on my LTE modem but can't find the DNS settings on the modem I'm quite a noob when it comes to this sort of stuff.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 31 weeks ago

Do you mean OpenDNS (alternative DNS servers)?
Or something like DynDNS (dynamic DNS updating)?

Assuming that it really is OpenDNS, login to your modem (usually with user 'admin' and password 'vividwireless', then navigate to Settings, WAN/LAN 4 Settings ... in there are options to set DNS manually ... you will need to know the IPs for OpenDNS' DNS servers to put in there.


Joshfok wrote 26 weeks ago

Hi Frosty,
I have followed your instruction above and input the OpenDNS' DNS nameserver IP address there but it doesn't work. When I checked the WAN/LAN 4 Status, I found that it was shown as disconnected. This is strange as I could still access the internet, I was definitely online at that time. Then the rest of the fields within the WAN/LAN 4 Status shown as follow:
WAN/LAN 4 Status
Duration: 00:00:00
Connection status: Disconnected
Connection mode: Dynamic IP
IP address: Unknown
Subnet mask: Unknown
Default gateway: Unknown
Primary DNS server: Unknown
Secondary DNS server: Unknown

Could you please advise why the WAN/LAN 4 is not active? Is there any other port that the modem is using which is hidden from the user? My modem is Huawei B315s-607.
Thanks for your help in this.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 26 weeks ago

I think I gave you some wrong advice. Just did some testing and wasn't able to force the WiFi connection to use other DNS servers unless I set them as a static entry in the properties of the WiFi connection in Windows. i.e. trying to set them in the modem didn't work for me.

So it looks like the WAN/LAN 4 interface really is just the 4 ports of the switch part of the modem? Maybe if you physically cabled a PC to one of those ports it might behave differently, but I have to connect to the modem via WiFi.


Joshfok wrote 25 weeks ago

I have to connect via wifi also, as I need to get the maximum connectivity so I put the modem at the window and my PC is at the other room.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 25 weeks ago

Okay, then I think the only option is to set the DNS servers in the properties of the WiFi in the PC itself, not in the modem.

In Windows 10, this is via Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, Change Adapter Settings, right-click on your wireless network adapter, Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Properties ...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 25 weeks ago

I've double-checked with vividwireless technical staff; they've confirmed that the DNS setttings are preset in the modem and can't be changed, so if you want to use GoogleDNS or OpenDNS instead you would have to change this per-client by settings on the PC/laptop/phone/device itself.


lionslair wrote 22 weeks ago

Yeah I ran into this. Very frustrating. Needed to disable most of the networking (not there is much to work with) and run a DHCP server from another device and simply route the external connection to the LTE gateway.

As mentioned in another post the LTE can't even work in a real bridge mode. To do anything more than connect a couple of devices you need to use external systems to do what would be expected of most modem / routers.

* You can not reserve IP's to devices in the DHCP settings
* You can not use your own DNS servers for DHCP (Vivid said this was outside of the fair use policy.)


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago

I wouldn't mind being able to reserve IPs either.
At best you can keep a list of MAC addresses and device Names.
Then use this:
if you need to know what IP a particular device currently uses.
It is helpful if you extend the DHCP lease time, so they don't change so often.

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