Perth - High Latency

Hi there,

Unfortunately the LTE connection has dropped from 18ms 10/1Mbps to now 120ms 5/1.
I did some 'investigating' and have realised that the IP address has changed from the 180.x.x.x range to the 49.x.x.x range.

Vividwireless normally changes the IP address when something goes wrong with the hardware from their end so they reroute perth customers to Melbourne/Adelaide so they still have a connection, which is great as I'm happy to have a connection rather than no connection...

Just wondering when customers will return to the 180.x.x.x range. And what's the issue?




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 31 weeks ago

Hi SumDude, good to hear from you, but for the wrong reason.

I only just posted a Planned Outage for Balcatta (Perth). So not sure if that may affect you, or yours is a different problem.

Have you checked the Optus Service Status to see if a tower may have a problem and the reason for your problem.


This FAQ:

This is Optus Service Status website. If the tower icon is not green, click on the tower icon and it will display what is affected by whatever the problem may be.


SumDude wrote 31 weeks ago

Yeah, long time since I've been on here :)

Thanks for the reply Ozz but that's the first thing I checked was the Optus Network Status. But all the towers around me are Green.

I hope frosty or if you can get in contact with someone at vividwireless to find out what's up. I had this problem before and frosty was informed that some hardware malfunctioned which caused the issue.

Last time I tried explaining to the vividwireless support guys the problem but they didn't understand that the 180.x.x.x and the 49.x.x.x are different. Even when performing a trace route it clearly states the traffic goes to Melbourne from Perth then back and forwards which increases the latency.

Maybe it's related to this?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 31 weeks ago

I was reading on Whirlpool yesterday about that Vocus outage. I would think this would be causing all sorts of issues for ISPs generally, so agree that this is probably at the root of the issue. I've sent an email to my contacts in the network engineering team at vividwireless, so if I hear anything helpful I'll post details here.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 31 weeks ago

I got an answer back about this. I was wrong; the symptoms you are seeing are nothing to do with the Vocus outage. Rather, there was some planned maintenance work in Perth and, rather than have an extended outage, they temporarily switched LTE services via Melbourne for a time. This explains the added latency. This outage is now completed and everyone should be back connected via Perth again.


icemanix wrote 30 weeks ago

FWIW this just happened to me - I'm in the Jandakot South area (Aubin Grove specifically) and my first hop was a 49.3.x.x address.

Fortunately a reboot of the modem brought me back to a 180.216.x.x hop, seems as though Melbourne may be a fail-over and the Vivid home routers don't necessarily update their routes unless they take a hit of downtime.


SumDude wrote 30 weeks ago

Thanks for reply Frosty. Was the planned maintanence published to the support page? as I didn't see it... it would be nice to notify customers that they may experience some issues over such period of time...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

I don't believe so, and I think the reasoning behind that is probably that there was no outage (no loss of connectivity).

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