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Hi There,

Not sure if this is the right section.

I am currently receiving 3 bars and the signal strength is below, however, I am currently uploading at maximum speed 1 Mega Bits, but downloads from speed test is only around 2 Mega bits.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or know how to get around this.

I am in Victoria.

RSRQ: -7dB
RSRP: -102dBm
RSSI: -79dBm



Pixel wrote 16 weeks ago

I'm experiencing similar differences in Perth.
Used to get 10Mbps down and around 3-4 Mbps up.
Upload hasn't changed much, but download speed has dropped to 2-3 Mbps although my WiMAX is in line of sight to the nearest tower that's about 500m away.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

Hi Hantrygame,

Your signal looks okay to me. Don't seem to be any relevant outages posted on the vividwireless website.

How many devices are using the LTE modem? PCs and phones? Is it possible that another device is using bandwidth?

Or is it possible that a background process is using bandwidth? e.g. Windows Updates downloading?



Hantrygame wrote 16 weeks ago

Hi Steve

I did all the test with only 1 device active. Even though the signal strength seems pretty good (I can only get better signal if the modem is outside the house). I can get the download speed to near 10 if the modem is outside the house.

I had the modem at a different location in the house before. The signal strength is much worse rsrp is between 108 to 110 but I get 7 Mbps. I just thought I ask ask I have no experience with wireless internet other then mobile phone.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

Hi Hantrygame,

I'm going make some comments, that you may be able to answer that will provide more info for Frosty.

Where the modem is at present, its a good signal but download speeds aren't good. Is there any trees, tall buildings, open areas that are on that side between the tower and the house?

I'm thinking that the strength of the signal is good, but the signal is being broken up and arriving at the modem from different paths, that is affecting the quality of the signal. The SINR is low, and should be at least around the 13dB.

Compared to where the modem was located before, you had a poor signal but good download speed. Was that modem location on the same or different side of the house to where the modem is at present?

If a different side of the house, where there is no direct line of sight to the tower (poor signal strength) but there is no interference and the signal arrives as normal not affecting the signal quality and not via different paths which gives better speeds. See what the SINR is at the previous modem location, you may find it better than 5dB and closer to 13dB.

You could confirm if the modem is connecting to the same tower in either position, by noting down the CELL_ID . If that ID changes between the position of the modem, you know you are connecting to 2 different towers.



Hantrygame wrote 16 weeks ago

Wow, thanks,

This is amazing. I move it to the previous location, which is 2 meters away.

The cell id did change!

The signal looks worse but speed is faster. The problem is that is it in the middle of my I can't park my car. in the garage

Any you think external antenna might help?

Previous Location

RSRQ: -11dB
RSRP: -109dBm
RSSI: -77dBm
SINR: -4dB


Helimedic wrote 16 weeks ago

If you are getting near full speeds outside the house a decent external antenna will probably help.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

Your last post #5, your saying that the modem is within the garage. Is that for both modem positions?

Is this the only area where you have tried the modem, the modem receives a signal or your restricted to where you can place the modem?



Hantrygame wrote 16 weeks ago

I have tried the modern in the following locations:

Front dining room (parallel to garage): No connection

Just outside the front door (1 meter away from the above location) : near max upload and download

In the middle of the drive way: near max upload and download

Left side mid: same to Mid
Middle of garage: Best download, bad upload, low ping (different cell id)
back of garage: Best upload, bad download, higher ping (different cell id)

The different between the above 3 is,
Left: Move the modern 2 meters to the west
Mid: Pretty much directly below the power garage door unit
Back: Move the modem 2 meters to the south

In the back yard. (No signal)

I am unsure if anyone has this information. The service may have just been made available recently, as 2 month ago when I check no the website, it said it is not available.

Is there a way or using the TV antenna to pick up 4G signal?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

This link is to Optus Service Status. Click on Outages Tab.

Type in your address and it will show where the towers are. It will also show if there is any problem with a tower. Green = Good, Red = Problem.

Click on the tower icon for more info.



Hantrygame wrote 16 weeks ago


Thanks everyone, I doubt there is much more I can try.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

Signal quality is a more important measure than signal strength when trying to improve performance. So Ozzcaddy's observation about SINR is good. Is your garage to the side of the house, or more to the front? Just trying to thing creatively here. e.g. can the modem be hung from the ceiling in the garage, above the car? e.g. is there another point at the side/front, where the signal can be received? You might want to follow up Helimedic's suggestion about external antennas. Whilst vividwireless don't sell them, the modems do come with 2 x connectors. Buying cheap ones of eBay won't help at all (worse than useless). But yes, a good quality one might do the trick?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 16 weeks ago

The following website that I am providing has not been recommended by Vividwireless or the Moderators of this forum.

It is provided only for the purpose of providing information on what external aerials that would be suitable for the LTE modem.

Scroll down the website to find the information on external aerials.



SumDude wrote 16 weeks ago

For more information and discussion on external antennas come join the thread on Whirlpool:

Many users discuss external antennas for vividwireless LTE there and users will have an idea of what's suitable. Even just reading previous posts will help you out.

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