Slow internet and weak 4G signal


I'm using home gateaway modem in Templestowe Lower, Vic, 3107 aera and I had no problem to use internet and 4G signal on the modem was showing full signal, but, internet connection is not stable and couldn't use is sometimes and also the 4G signal on the modem is showing 1bar which is very poor signal.
And I went to check internet status on and this is the result below... (Time : 20:42PM 17/06/2017)

Device status

RSRP: -116dBm (Poor)
RSRQ: -11dB (Excellent)
RSSI: -85dBm
SINR: -3dB (Poor)

Is their anything I can do improve internet speed?




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ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 9 weeks ago

HI Jae,

Firstly, do you have the Wimax or the LTE Modem?

You posted under Wimax, and by what you have posted it maybe LTE. I'll move your post if necessary.

Looking at the Optus Service Status map, there is a tower (yellowish in colour) near the intersection of H'way's 52 & 47, that is currently having worked done on it between 16/6 - 23/6, and is affecting the use of the internet.

Click on this link and you can put your postcode in and see where towers are to you. You can try repositioning your modem to a different location and your signal may improve OR the tower you are connecting too, may have become congested by other customers who normally connect to the tower being worked on. Click on Outage Tab.

Please post back and update if things have changed or not.


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