Slow Speeds

I have been getting extremely slow speeds recently. It seems like after the first month, we were unprioritised on the network. We used to get 7MB down and 0.9MB up. Nowadays, we struggle to get 2MB down and 0.5up. Is this an issue i can fix? I live in Willetton perth



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago


I moved your post here and am assuming that you have an LTE modem. Can you confirm?

Have you spoken with vividwireless tech support about this? If you have, what was their advice?

There are a couple of things I would recommend:

(1) check your signal stats for the modem; move the modem if necessary to a position which maximises SINR first of all, then RSSI as a second factor

(2) check your WiFi environment using a tool such as WiFi Analyzer or InSSIDer; set the Channel for the modem's WiFi to a least-used channel ID in your environment (taking into account neighbours WiFi and so on)

(3) keep track of the Cell ID (tower ID) and see whether it is changing at all; if it is, does good performance go with a particular Cell ID, or is it all much the same?

(4) test to see whether you're still getting good performance at off-peak times (e.g. 8am) vs peak times (e.g. 8pm). If you are, then it is probably not a signal or modem issue and likely to be congestion at the tower.


markyoung wrote 22 weeks ago

Thank you for your speedy reply frosty! I can confirm that i am currently on a LTE modem. I haven't yet contacted vividwireless tech support as i have heard that the customer support was abysmal. I will try to contact vividwireless tech support and get back to you asap. Thank you for your help!



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 22 weeks ago

It is always good if you can speak with support first. They will put you through some standard checking procedures. After you've spoken with them, if you're not getting a better result, post back here with some signal details for RSSI and SINR and go through my points #1 thru #4 above. Hopefully there is something there that can be resolved/improved. If not, then it may be a congestion issue at peak times (which is fairly common, particularly if you are in an area where the NBN has not yet arrived AND if the ADSL services are generally poor).

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