SNMP on the Huawei

Recently moved over from Wimax to LTE with the new modem; and sad to see no SNMP monitoring options on the new box.

Is there any way to dig in and retrieve some of the monitoring options we used to have with the Greenpacket modem? A hidden community setting?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 21 weeks ago

There's no way that I know of to Edit/Modify any settings outside of the GUI.

There are ways to get more information out of the device.


Example URL:

I can't recall now where I got that info from, but it was probably this page:


bonwag wrote 21 weeks ago

Ooh, nice - I had forgotten to test for an API.

There must be more than just the client list available. I'll play and report back.

Thanks (again) Frosty!


bonwag wrote 20 weeks ago

Thanks for the tip; managed to find a useful utility which lists a bunch of them; specifically:

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