Very slow download speed, drop outs

Hi there,

Any ideas why the LTE service from the Waterman tower has been so poor in the last 7 days.
Mt Flora Lookout Hale St WATERMANS BAY WA 6020
Lat: -31.85318 or (-31° 51' 11")
Lon: 115.75534 or (115° 45' 19")
Elevation: 37.25m

download speeds are sub.30kbs

ie good signal strength but download speeds less than dial up and ping over 1200ms (Confirmed by multiple Speedtest sessions). Also experiencing drop outs of service. I am 200 meters from the tower with line of sight to our Vivid LTE.





ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Hi John,

Have a look at the Optus Network Status map and enter your address.

I already looked where Hale Street is, and noticed there is a tower reasonably close that is Green, so no problems with that tower.

There is another tower south of Hale Street (between N Beach Rd and Highway 71) that is Orange, and is currently having work done on it between 4/6/17 to 16/6/17.

Maybe you are connecting to this tower to the south, and not the tower nearer to you.

Are you able to place the modem in other locations within your house. If so, note the Cell_ID of where the modem is, and then if relocated, see if the Cell_ID changes, and if any improvement in signal. IF NOT, rotate the modem in small stages and see if the Cell_ID changes and signal improves.

Can you post your modems signal values.



John P wrote 11 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips Ozcaddy

I will do this tonight.

How do I confirm the Cell_ID?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

You will need to login to the modems interface. Click on this link:

The Login & Password will either be:

Login = admin
Password = vividwireless


Login = admin
Password = admin (recently updated).

The Cell_ID and the Signal Values will appear on the right side of the page under Device Status.

The Signal Values include RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI, SINR.


GeneralGadget wrote 11 weeks ago

I'm having similar issues as you John but I'm over in Karrinyup. I've had nothing but great service since moving over to VividWireless last year - the modem hasn't needed to be moved and was consistently getting speeds in excess of 10MB/s down and 1.3MB/s up. Now, I'm struggling to get a decent signal and am having issues actually connecting to perform a speed test. When able to perform a test, I recently got 450kB/s down and 600kB/s up.

ozzcaddy - what should I be expecting with regards to RSSI & SINR values that would indicate a decent connection. At the moment, going by the tried and true green bar method, I've got a signal strength of around 20%/1 Bar.

I live on Somerton Road and have direct LOS with Karrinyup Shops Tower as well as the Water Tower - both within 500m of my location.

Would be annoying to be connecting to the tower near Marmion Ave/71. The Cell_ID would give me an idea on which tower I'm connected to, is that correct ozzcaddy? If I am connecting to a tower that is providing poor service, is it possible to manually change the tower connection? If so, how?

Current Values =
Cell_ID = 44134681
RSSI = -63dBm
SINR = -6dB


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

@GeneralGadget, have a look at the Optus Network Status (see Post #1) and see if any nearby towers are anything but Green.

I looked at where you are and there are 2 Green towers, but also the same tower on N Beach Rd that is Orange, as I mentioned to John.

For both John & General,

Have a look at this FAQ from Vivids LTE Support page which as the signal values and ratings (Poor, Moderate, Good, etc)

scroll down to Home Networks and WiFi > What is the best network performance value for my device. Compare your signal values to that shown in the table, to see how good your connection is.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

Also, have a look at the Forum Section on Outages, as there are still 2 Unplanned Outages outstanding which are in Perth, but I don't know if they are near where you both live.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 11 weeks ago

John, one other factor, if there is a fault near you, but it isn't the tower you normally connect with, it could still impact on you because people who normally connect to the other tower that has a fault might end up connecting with yours and overwhelming it (at least until the fault/upgrade is resolved).

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