VividWireless - transparent proxy?


Does Vividwireless implement a transparent proxy?

If so, is there a way to force/flush/log a ticket for a corrupt cache item?

Any other reason for a (embedded in an app update) file to keep downloading with the wrong checksum?


I've been trying to use cycling app Zwift on and off for some months.
As per many apps and MMO games there are frequently patches on-launch.

I've had numerous days where an update fails to apply.
Eventually the update works when the next version comes out.

I've a thread open with the app support, however they seem at a loss to replicate my issue.

Debugging indicates I'm getting a corrupt download:

[20:35:53 2017-01-23]
Downloader: ERROR: "data\Environment\Animals\Pelican\Textures\Bird06.tgax" completed download successfully, but failed the file checksum test
(local checksum=-433078045, manifest checksum=-2109049536)

I've slapped in a local proxy, but everything is SSL, so without going to the effort of MITM or wireshark don't have more detail.

I still have my sad excuse for ADSL 2+ ... which runs at about 200kb/sec throughput (mostly noise, hence VividWireless)

Update ran fine (but slowly). Same SSL server IP's and HTTPS requests in my proxy (so not an Akamai cache gone wrong and routed to a different geo location based on ISP etc) same files. No checksum issue.

Sooo are Vivid running transparent proxies?
Is there something broken in Perth?





Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

As far as the transparent proxy part of your question goes, I've never heard it mentioned by any of the vividwireless technical staff that I interact with, so I would say No, there is no transparent proxy involved from the vividwireless end of things.

Then there's the Optus part of the LTE network. I don't have any information about that at all, so will have to ask some questions.

If you can work out a download URL and post it, I'm sure people would be happy to try to download it to see whether the problem can be replicated.

Is it the same file which fails each time the update is released, or a different file? (if the same file, maybe there is something about it triggering the issue?)

Is it an iPhone or an Android app? (I'm guessing Android based on your comment about debugging). I'm an Android user if that helps.


cjcooper wrote 30 weeks ago

There's no discrete URL I could determine - I could only see SSL connect requests to a discrete IP address - multi-part request?

[21:25:09 2017-01-23] Patcher: Launcher URL for updating self is ""

The app is Windows.

The same checksum went wrong on a Windows 7 PC, then on a Windows 10 PC.

The app builds an inventory of what you have that's out of date or missing, then fetches the updates

e.g. [21:19:42 2017-01-23] Patcher: "data\Environment\Animals\Pelican\Textures\Bird07.tgax" server file missing locally -- adding to missing files list.
[21:19:42 2017-01-23] Patcher: "data\Environment\Animals\Sparrow\Anims\IdleSolo.anim" out of date -- adding to missing files list.

[21:19:45 2017-01-23] Downloader: "data\Environment\Animals\Sparrow\Anims\IdleSolo.anim" downloaded successfully (local checksum=665021825, manifest checksum=665021825).

I've asked the app support people if they are running an Akami style geocache which may change depending what ISP I use, in case corrupt at their end (there is a CDN reference in the log)

I'll post if any new info comes to light.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

Thanks Chris,

I've got a few network engineering people interested in this case. If you want it followed up, can you please email me ( and send me as much technical detail as you can, along with contact details.


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