What are these services installed as factory default settings?

Hi...can somebody please confirm that these services listed below which are
installed on the vividwireless supplied lte 4g modem/router are standard and
included as factory default settings?
Can somebody please explain what the blackicecap service on port 8081 is for
and what it does?

IP Address:
Vendor: Huawei
Host Name: homerouter.cpe
First Seen: 12 December 2016 at 20:01:06
Last Update: 12 January 2017 at 17:57:43
Type: WIFI

Active services: 4
53/domain Domain Name Server
80/http World Wide Web HTTP
443/https Secure World Wide Web HTTP (SSL)
8081/blackice-icecap ICECap user console



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 30 weeks ago

Those ports are all open on my modem too.

Port 53 is DNS
Port 80 is HTTP -- for modem management GUI (
Port 443 is HTTS (secure version of HTTP)

Not sure about what they use 8081 for ... but if you "telnet 8081" you can get a response out of it that indicates a web service is running (i.e. "bad request" response).


shadwolf wrote 27 weeks ago

ICECap Manager is a management console for BlackICE IDS Agents and Sentries. By default, ICECap Manager listens on port 8081, transmits alert messages to another server on port 8082, and has an administrative username of 'iceman' possessing a blank password.

Basically it's an Intrusion Detection System built-in to the modem for embedded Linux systems and Windows Access.

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