Armadale WA: vivid out for days now

I am about the end my obligation with Vivid as for a whole week now even simple browsing is out of the question due to incredible slow speeds and the last two days no connection at all.

I was on the unlimited plan for 2 years with on and off satisfaction (just fast enough for YouTube and browsing), but in the last week it has been slower than the dial up speeds from the early nineties.

If there is no explanation from vivid or an official recognition of an outage, I am leaving Vivid.

Anyone else experiencing this in the Armadale/Kelmscott area?



exosuit wrote 1 year ago

I just checked if I am in covered area for an update to LTE, thinking it might resolve the issue. I was sad to see I am not in covered area.
So I guess my only solution is to find a new internet provider?


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

There have been many reports on these forums and Social Media for Perth in the past few days. Vividwireless may be experiencing a major outage in parts of Perth.
vividwireless normally post the unplanned/planned outages on the support section of the website but for some reason nothing has been formerly posted by vividwireless.

Update: 10:44AM AWST


exosuit wrote 1 year ago

It's working again since this morning.


exosuit wrote 1 year ago

8 PM Western Australian time and no connection.(Armadale area)
Vivid really sucks the last few months
It is on and off constantly. Whether there are so called planned outtages or not, there are always blocks of hours per day when there is just no connection at all....and for the times there is connection, it is at snail pace. Acceptable speed even just for kind of smooth low res 360 p streaming or mere browsing or e-mail is a rarity.
A tip for anyone using this internet for anything slightly professional: just don't do it.

If there is no improvement over the length of this month in terms of consistency and acceptable speed, I am cancelling and don't look back. And I will shy away from anything Vivid or Optus.
This has been going on for too long.
My phone bill has gone up by 30 dollars because I had to use extra data as a back up for this crappy service just to be able get e-mails out and necessary minimal things. The couple of dollars of compensation offered for last month's Perth total black out is a joke. And the issues seem far from resolved.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Have you called vividwireless to find out whether it is a known outage?
Probably also worth double-checking your coverage just in case something has changed:

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