Connectivity problem

Hi, I have 5 devices connected to the home gateway, I tried setting the channels to different ranges and the wireless modes, with no luck, even tried splitting the net into 2 SSID's with 2 devices running on 1 and 3 on the other, still connection drops out.
I have the RSSI @ ~ -72.XXdBm to -77.XXdBm, CINR @ ~ (18-23) / (10-17) (R3/R1) dB, Tx pwr @ ~ 14-28 dBm.

The range for the Wifi is only roughly 8mtrs, which doesnt help as my mobile and laptop drop out easily, anywhere over 8mtrs.
The firmware version is 1.4.1, would updating it (somehow??) help the connection and range?
I sometimes have to turn my mobile wifi off to be able to stream movies/shows on my laptop, which sometimes take forever to load or the internet drops out.
Needing help ASAP would be great thanks.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

You should definitely get the firmware updated to v1.4.4 ... since it is not user-updateable, you would need to contact vividwireless, let them know your modem's MAC address, and they can arrange an over-the-air update for you.

Your signal seems mostly okay, however the gaps between R3 and R1 aren't optimal and if you could get that difference between them down closer to 4dB that would help I think.

You might want to get yourself an app such as WiFi Analyzer (for phone) or InSSIDer (for PC or Mac) to investigate whethere you are getting WiFi interference in yo0ur environment.

If its not that, then perhaps the modem is faulty, but I would investigate the interference option first. Those apps have the ability to graph all the channels and show you which channel would be best for you to use for WiFi.


JoshBest86 wrote 1 year ago

my MAC address: 00:1F:FB:0C:05:74

in inSSIDer for some reason, its coming up with channels 9+13, and recommended channel is 1, how can I change the channel to 1, when it only gives me from 9 upwards and how can I change SSID #2 from being on channel 13?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

You will need to speak with Tech Support (see below) and ask to have your Firmware updated and provide your MAC address. You may need to leave your Gateway on until the update is completed.

I had done some Channel testing with the Homegateway, a few years back, and found the following channels worked best. 6, 9.10,11. I believe channels 12 and above did not work well, same as channels 5 or below. Hope this info helps.

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ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I also found the older the Gateway become, the transmitting distance got reduced. So I got myself an access point router which solved the transmitting distance problem.

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