Now this is likely a stupid question- BUT, given recent history with Vivid, it unfortunately has to be asked.

The old wimax network, is it going anywhere? I've phoned to enquire about the new network and been told there is no coverage for the LTE network in my area.
The coverage checker on the website says there is no coverage in my area at ALL. On top of that, the old gateway and devices are no longer available on the site.

So the question really does have to be asked as to whether or not we're going to see the old network getting shut down- or see support for our old products die out. I mean, if my gateway dies tomorrow.. am I just s*** out of luck?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Not bad questions at all. Entirely reasonable!

My understanding is:

(a) the WiMAX network is staying put and there are no plans at present to change anything in that regard

(b) you should probably expect that the old network will no longer be getting upgrades, however since it is the case that vividwireless are no longer selling WiMAX modems, and since it is the case that at least some customers will be switching away from WiMAX to either LTE or even to other ISPs from time to time, then you could reasonably expect that performance of the WiMAX network will remain largely "as is" or maybe even improve as loads on that system are reduced

(c) I'd expect that a quite a few people will progressively ditch their old WiMAX modems, so maybe you could protect yourself by buying a spare 2nd-hand? Or maybe call vividwireless and ask them whether they will be able to supply spares in the event of hardware failure?

(d) I'm not sure where the old WiMAX coverage maps have gone; the search on the website is (I think?) purely for LTE now. I would guess that if you really needed to check WiMAX coverage due to moving house, you might be able to get that info by calling support, however just plugging in the modem at a new location would tell you soon enough whether there is a signal or not


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