Hammond park Perth 6164 connection issues

Ok I know we have major congestion problems here I know that being an internet black spot means issues for every one but I am at the end of my tether. Our local highschool requires the kids to have access to internet for homework access (most of its net based) so using phone data is not practical. however I have been trying for over an hour now to get on long enough to post this (its been pre typed in notepad and cut and pasted because my net is not stable enough to do this) I have deleted 3or 4 towers so I can even get on to the net today. so without further ado here are my stats

Frequency: 2308000
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:cc:00
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal
Uptime: 690
RSSI: -61.48dBm
CINR: 25.09/19.30(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 20dBm

this is the worst tower I have available the other 3 are between 50 and 60 and CINR is normally around 26/23

finally my logs this is an edited section but trust me the last 4 hours have been like this. I need to ask what is going on I need this connection minimum for my kids and also due to international banking for commitments back in NZ

Apr 17 16:16:03 mt71x9 user.info kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wmx0: transmit timed out
Apr 17 16:16:03 mt71x9 user.alert kernel: [MT71XX_LOG][MT71XX_SEND-WARN]tx_timeout 3
Apr 17 16:16:04 mt71x9 user.info kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wmx0: transmit timed out
Apr 17 16:16:04 mt71x9 user.alert kernel: [MT71XX_LOG][MT71XX_SEND-WARN]tx_timeout 3
Apr 17 16:16:05 mt71x9 user.info kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wmx0: transmit timed out
Apr 17 16:16:05 mt71x9 user.alert kernel: [MT71XX_LOG][MT71XX_SEND-WARN]tx_timeout 3

*edited because the logs triggered a spam block*



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 18 weeks ago

Certainly nothing much wrong with your signal stats there. The RSSI is fine and CINR of 25 is excellent. The only quibble I would have is the gap between CINR R3 and R1; ideally this would be around 4dB.

Have you tried to force the modem to a different tower, one with a worse signal but maybe with better actual throughput? With the WiMAX modems there is a technique you can try. Drop me an email and I will send you the details (stephen.frost@frostbyte.com.au).

From what you describe this sounds like a gradual changes, something you've been battling with for quite some time. Is there a noticeable difference earlier in the day, off-peak time around 7am-8am? That's a common indicator of congestion issues.


stumagoo wrote 18 weeks ago

Yes buddy I had taken out the 3 best towers/frequencies, to get to the point that I could post this. Yes we do find peak and school holidays worse than offpeak. I realise it is probably congestion, however as I said it took over an hour to get a stable enough connection to just post the original comment. the total irony is 1/2 an hour later (after the intial post) I reverted the towers back to original and it has been better than anytime in the last 6 months for over 12 hours....... We did check for outages etc and saw none hence why I posted. we have called helpdesk in the past to either no answer or to be told to do the assortment of speed tests - aside from being impractical most the time the speednet page times out and wont give us a result or it gives a total bogus result that looks good but does not relate into reality eg a 4-5Mbps result on a connection that wont load facebook on 2 pc's (hardwired to the net) without one timing out. (yes I have done isolation tests on all my LAN connections and even using a fresh OS that has never been online and still had issues)

Point is I know that congestion is an issue but not being able to connect at all is crazy. I am not asking to be able to torrent or anything just be able to access the net - Which I can at the moment. I have a log with pages of timeouts until 1/2 an hour or so after posting then it comes perfect.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 18 weeks ago

@stumagoo, I was looking at the Optus Status Map for Hammond Park, WA, which shows where towers are situated. This map is mainly for 3G, 4G & LTE services, but I would not be surprise that the Wimax were also installed on these towers.

The towers are sparsely set out around Hammond Park, so to me the other contributing factor to congestion, is the distance between the tower(s) and your modem, and this is maybe why the large gap in the CINR that Frosty has highlighted. Comparing to up the road at Cockburn Central, there are 3 towers within close proximity.

This is the Optus Service map, where you enter your Suburb. You will get an idea of where the towers are situated to you.

This website also provides the towers and there ID and the various frequencies operating from those towers, that might provide extra info.


stumagoo wrote 18 weeks ago

the issue has been back again since around lunch time according to my family

As mentioned I have 3 towers with better signal than tat posted above that was just the only one I could get any form of connection to

this is normally the second best tower/frequency (it has defaulted to it today for some reason)
RSSI: -55.91dBm
CINR: 28.63/26.19(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 22dBm

Frequency: 2394500
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:cc:20
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal
Uptime: 382

I also have a box with ali foil around it over the router (open top and bottom to allow air flow for ventilation) otherwise all towers available run an RSSI between 35 and 45 so I am pretty sure its not distance more congestion. However here is another sample of my logs

I just checked the tower location page there is an optus tower less than 500m from us (line of site) in aubin grove. 1 tower in Success less than a Km away ( I assume that is the one I am on at the moment) and 2 others around 2kms away.

***edit again any of the log triggers the spam filter****


stumagoo wrote 18 weeks ago

Thought I would add this, without the foil box this is my second strongest tower signal - Also the router is in a location in the house where it gets the weakest signal it can.

Frequency: 2394500
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:cc:20
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal
Uptime: 2364

RSSI: -34.13dBm
CINR: 29.22/27.42(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 4dBm

I guess the real question is "am I dealing with congestion or is there some other underlying issue?" because I have no alternative - NBN on my cabinet is not scheduled until "sometime if anytime in the future". Telstra wont upgrade the cabinet because "NBN is coming" - it was scheduled for upgrade with a tophat in 2012 but canceled due to NBN's imminent arrvial. And I am pretty much unable to use the internet which I pay for most days.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 18 weeks ago

The signal in your post #4 above is just about perfect. Hard to imagine anything better.

Therefore we are dealing with congestion, unless there is some other weird thing going on like WiFi interference in your house. (it is easy enough to check for that using InSSIDer or WiFi Analyzer or similar phone apps).

If you have PCs that use the Home Gateway over ethernet cable instead of WiFi, that would eliminate WiFi interference as the cause.

The only other thing might be that the Home Gateway is known to be weak on CPU power, so when there are more than a couple of devices using its WiFi, it can struggle. If you want to eliminate this as the cause, temporarily turn off the WiFi in the modem and just use a PC over ethernet to test performance with www.speedtest.net

You didn't explicitly say so, but it sounds like you already have the info from me about how to Delete unwanted towers from your modem, to force it to use towers with a weaker signal further away. I think that is your best bet. There must be a heap of people in your area using the service due to lack of alternative options.

One more suggestion: ask around and see if people are using the LTE modem nearby and how it is performing. Chances are that it also will suffer the same congestion issues, but just maybe that is an alternative option for you?


stumagoo wrote 18 weeks ago

everything here is connected via ethernet, (the Gateway is just that a gateway with DHCP turned off it runs to a larger unit that has my lan on it - 2 TV's and 2 PC's) I have an optus phone and using it tethered to a laptop (USB not BT) still has issues with slow connections. Yes I have the info to get into the higher level interface for the router. I figure it is just Congestion especially seeing as the issue can rectify without touching the router or even restarting it. I just want to be sure it is and I am not suffering this issue for no reason.

We are in a very fast growing area, (3 subdivisions opened within 1km in just over 6 months) but the local telecom infrastructure is just not able to handle it. I figure wireless is getting hammered. Unfortunatley the area has been plagued with issues (I have read up here many times before I posted) and I was sort of hoping I had other issues where I would need to change my gateway. however I figure when I see 50+ lines of timeout then a tower reset then 50 more lines repeating over 3-4 hours the answer may be pretty clear

I will look into the wifi anyliser and having been a serious online gamer before moving here all my network is wired. Speedtest.net times out as often as gives a result results when I can get them are normally sub 1Mbps down 0ften 1-3 up and on rare occasions are 4-8 down but that is not often


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 18 weeks ago

I think your second paragraph probably nails the cause. All those extra houses, probably on WiMAX (more likely on LTE), gobbling all the bandwidth available and also the backhaul capacity of the towers.

Can you post your modem's MAC address? It's the one right above the barcode and underneath the serial number on the sticker underneath the modem (usually starting with 001F).

I will ask some questions about your area and see what the vividwireless network engineers can tell me.


stumagoo wrote 17 weeks ago

sure Mac Addy is 001FFB7F3B38
I have to admit that today (20/4) has been pretty good not one time out entry since 2100hrs on the 19/4


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 17 weeks ago

Better weather today, or much the same?
I've sent an email to my contacts at vividwireless, asking for more information and to see what options are open to you.


stumagoo wrote 17 weeks ago

much the same it seems to go in spurts, time of day has some impact but not always. we can have good evenings and shocking mornings or the other way around or it can be constantly bad or good..... no real rhyme or reason.

Logs show about 9pm last night it went silly again, came right early am went bad mid day or so and came right around 4pm today


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 17 weeks ago

Can you get in touch with me via email. I have some useful information to share. But in particular I want to ensure that your details are known to the network engineers at vividwireless.

My email: stephen.frost@frostbyte.com.au (can you let me know your real name, a contact phone number, plus can you also double-check the MAC address you posted above, as they're not recognising it, maybe due to a typo, or maybe you sent me the wrong MAC?)

One more request from them is that, if you haven't done so in the past week or so, can you try a Factory Reset of the modem (make sure to note any customised settings before doing that).


stumagoo wrote 17 weeks ago

OK will go through all that - just double checked the MAC and it is accurate. Will send you an email in a moment with more info.
I will have to sort a few details for the reset as I have a few ports triggered to record


stumagoo wrote 17 weeks ago

ah I know what I have done - that is the MAC for my local wifi not the WAN that is 001FFBA10868


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 17 weeks ago

Thanks ... got your email ... expect vividwireless will be following up further on Monday.


stumagoo wrote 17 weeks ago

I will add now that yesterday I did a factory reset, I ran for an hour with no improvement, I then moved the gateway to another location and removed my LAN from the network (the smart tv's and media server etc) and have now only 2 pc's plugged directly into the gateway. I have also done isolation tests with both the PC's I found initially that I had issues when both were plugged in, then I had issues with only one plugged in I swapped to the other and everything came right. after an hour of online gaming I plugged the second back in and having carried on for an hour since then still no issues. - That done I am relatively confident that its not an issue relating to any equipment on my lan accepting the router itself as I have had issues with and without everything either on the net or on in isolation and I have had no issues doing the same thing. The only thing I have been unable to remove from the situation is the Gateway, but seeing as that can also be used in conjunction with other configurations and have no issues I am reluctant (but not certain by any stretch) to call it the cause of my issues. I am wondering about trialing my gateway elsewhere - it may be an option however due to the inconsistant nature of my issues not a foolproof test either


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 17 weeks ago

Might be worth a test. If it is hardware-related, the fault would follow you. Back some years ago there used to be some problems with the power supply to the Home Gateway units causing excessive dropouts. If you have a friend or family in a different suburb where you could test for an hour or so, that might add a new data point.

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