Internet Speed Test - Problems!

I've currently got family members who have internet connected through vivid and I'm staying or boarding while I'm having some business meetings for a few weeks. However, their routers internet speed test download results that are being performed don't come back much over 1 megabit download per second.

Seeking some advice regards any possible action or placement of the router that maybe can boost the speed up a little so I can transfer some larger files without so much lag / disruption.

- I was wondering what frequency these routers operate on, so maybe I can purchase a new router?

- Can you purchase some sort of external antenna for higher signal and better strength.

Let me know I'm also new to this technology and would like to possibly get it connected at my home too even as a backup solution if my current NBN gets disconnected for some reason.

Help guys their internet speed test suck!



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Hi Daniel,

For the WiMAX modems, there are fundamentally two options open to you:

(1) "move the modem around" and try to maximise the CINR value, to as close to 30 as possible; or

(2) IF you are connecting with good signal quality already, but there are multiple towers nearby, and IF a tower with a worse signal provides better actual throughput (not all that likely, but possible), THEN there is a 'trick' you can use to force the WiMAX modem to ignore the better signal tower and use a worse signal tower (but with better actual results).

Option #2 only applies to the WiMAX Home Gateway modems. If you want to try this, then drop me an email ( and I will send you the instructions.

Adding an external antenna is not a realistic possibility for most people, as it requires physical modification to the modem.

An alternative, if you are in coverage by an Optus 2300MHz tower, is to switch to the newer LTE modems that vividwireless now sell. There is a coverage check option on their website.


DanielJames wrote 1 year ago

Thanks for your detailed response - Although earlier on today I spent around 3 hours researching and researching and managed to find a Company who said they were going to come over and perform a speed test on the internet connection. I did mention it was a vivid connection and they asked me if it was 4G or something else I cant remember the term. I said I didn't know.

In the meantime, what I might do is try the option 1 you mentioned above and stick the router next to a window or something and see if that helps and if it does thats good, if not I might flick you an email tomorrow and see, but I've already wasted too much time on working this out, It's just painfully slow and my work requires massive file uploads over the next two weeks, like 100GB, so you can see why I don't want to use my mobile 4G hotspot :) I think the ISP told me it's 10 dollars per GB over, so forget that for a joke.

I'll let you know how I go tomorrow after tomorrow and probably cancel my appointment with this Company.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Have a read of this FAQ article first:

Then monitor your CINR and RSSI values accordingly (CINR being more important to good performance).

To test performance, you don't need that third-party company to help you. Especially as their website says that they only test ADSL and NBN-type connections; not wireless.

Just use: (this will tell you enough info, combined with the CINR and RSSI). Do a test in off-peak times (e.g. 7am in morning) and also compare with peak times (e.g. 8pm at night).

If you are needing to Upload multi-GB of data, then you need a whole different solution altogether. Most solutions designed for home use just aren't suited to that sort of thing.

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