Signal very high but very slow internet speeds

I live in Balga, WA 6061. I have never gotten any signal above 1 mb down stream at all in this area. The best has been 800kn upstream. I am kind of getting used to it in a frustrated way for the money this service costs. I have made calls several times to technical support with no much help in the past. I even reported that this homegateway has lost one status LED lights for some reason but I was told you do not supply replacement modems. Even more frustrating is that there has not been any new firmware since 2011 I believe that was. Now my speed is worst it has ever been since yesterday Saturday the 23rd/04/2016 after 1 pm. Speeds just dropped to 250bytes uplink. Yes I mean bytes not Kbytes. I haven't even been able to load this page for i had to do several refreshes for it to load hope i will be able to post too without a crash. I cannot even load a page. But looking at my wiMax status, downlink is flipping between 0 and 125bytes at best 250bytes. uplink is 0 bytes.

Modulation: QPSK [CTC] 1/2
Data rate: 0 byte/s
RX bytes: 61333686


Modulation: 64-QAM [CTC] 5/6
Data rate: 0 byte/s
TX bytes: 21321520

This is my wimax channel table .
No. Frequency Bandwidth RSSI(dBm) CINR(dB) R3/R1
1 2308000 10Mhz 0 0
2 2318000 10Mhz -71.58 21.48/19.04
3 2328000 10Mhz 0 0
4 2338000 10Mhz 0 0
5 2348000 10Mhz 0 0
6 2358000 10Mhz 0 0
7 2364500 10Mhz 0 0
8 2368000 10Mhz 0 0
9 2374500 10Mhz 0 0
10 2384500 10Mhz 0 0
11 2394500 10Mhz -87.13 12.34/5.16

Wifi Settings
Wireless Mode B/G/N MIXED MODE
Channel Auto
Tx Power 100%
Tx Burst Enable
Beacon Period 100

I cannot have any other provider because there are no functional spare cables on the street and the current spare is faulty and there is need for Telstra to dig and fix. SO any other provider cannot grant service until Testra fixes this. Telstra seem to want me to first order a service with them and that is the only way they can come and fix this problem. Its frustrating politics. Now my only hope, vivid is also giving me this kind of service.

Please investigate and assist



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Your signal on #2 2318000 has RSSI -71 and CINR 21/19 which looks reasonable.

The immediate problems (past 24-48 hours) are very likely due to interference. There is some kind of interference event going on at the moment, which is creating a bit of havoc, but when this subsides things should return to "normal".

You're right about the WiMAX modems/firmware. I would not expect a replacement modem to make any difference, unless something really is faulty in the current modem. You will know within the next 24 hours whether it is likely to remedy itself.

Everything is now moving towards the new LTE modems/network. Subject to availability at your location, that is something you might want to investigate.


Wodahs wrote 1 year ago

hi op

I live in huntingdale and for quite some time now my download speeds have hovered around the 600 Kbytes with over time degrading , I have a frequently been onto vivid to get improvements only to get back to the 600 mark with the occasional but rare 1mb but only usually around the midnite to 130am times

but this whole 3 day weekend has been a killer and with still no end in site yet but apparently according to vivid due to a weather phenonium and apparently also affecting the 4g lte side of vivids network (according to what they told me on last call)

i have had vivid wireless for over 10 years now and daily am thinking i should change , but am surprised that in the entire period that i have bad vivid ive never experience a wether situation causing such a large long outage before and that also i can still get connection thru another wireless provider


Pixel wrote 1 year ago

same thing here in Ferndale:
Line of sight and about 200m to the nearest Optus Tower.
For years I've had speeds between 5 and 10 Mbps, but in recent weeks things went often pear-shaped. The worst I got was 10kbps, about a month ago, although that was soon repaired. This weekend usual speeds are down to 0.3M, causing videos to buffer and today's Java update take 25 minutes.
The copper in our area is in a state of disrepair, and with NBN still years away, Vivid is our only gateway to the world.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Different frequencies are affected (or not) in different ways. So I wouldn't be surprised if one particular frequency (e.g. vivid's 2300MHz range) could be affected at one time, but another ISP with a different frequency not be affected. And vice versa; there may be times when you're not affected but another ISP could be. It depends on what's causing the interference, its source, its direction, and so on.


Pixel wrote 1 year ago

I understand that, Frosty;
And I wouldn't talk about it if it were merely a sporadic event. They've happened in the past, but less than once a year, I'd say. In recent weeks, however, the frequency has gone up and the attained speed down.

Having said that, however, I have also to report that at this time of day, I'm getting about 4Mbps, nothing to complain about, even though it's less than half the speed I used to get.

Edited: Woohoo! Just tested again, and it's now back to normal:[

It's during the second half of the day that speeds slow down to a crawl. Could be that I'm myself to blame: I have told every neighbour about Vivid and the Megabits we enjoy - compared to their copper connection that makes even normal phone connection impossible at times. I know that two of them have made the switch this year alone; so the increased number of clients could possibly play a role.
Good for Vivid, but unless the bandwidth is bumped up, it may get worse for us.

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