Slow internet - No longer covered?

When I first signed up to Vivid the site said we were covered. A couple of months ago the internet took a turn for the worst and became exremely slow and unstable and these past few weeks now I have been experiencing constant disconnections/resets a few times an hour. I went onto the site and put my address in again and now it tells me I am not even covered! In February it said I was which is why I signed up.

I have no phone line here and am renting but don't know how long I'll be staying here which is why I liked this plan. The modem is positioned on the window sil and is as high up as I can place it. There are 2 computers using ethernet cable which use the internet the most. There is a laptop and tablet which only use wifi occassionally and a mobile phone which uses it often.
Because of the ethernet cables I am unable to relocate the modem. However I did test it to see if it made a difference and placed it higher in other rooms and it made no difference and still disconnects.

I am in Maylands 6051 and have the wimax Hardware model: WIXFMR-107
Firmware version: 2.8.8-1.4.4 Firmware creation date: Wed Sep 08 21:18:20 2010 Frequency range: 2303000KHz~2399500KHz.

RSSI: jumps up and down between -66 - -76
CINR: between 23-28 R3 10-16 R1
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:63:20
MAC address: 00:1F:FB:20:0D:D2

Speed test: I will do a couple more at different times of day and post.

Also worth noting I turned wifi off for a while to see if that made any difference but it doesn't. Still was slow and disconnecting.



BabyCheetah85 wrote 36 weeks ago

A 2nd speed test at 7:30pm


ndt wrote 36 weeks ago

I'm in perth also. They're moving people to LTE but also cutting Wimax towers which sucks for current customers. I'm in the same boat as you with crap connection when i had very good connection just 6 months ago.

My friend was update to LTE 6 months ago and I still haven't been contacted, yet if I apply for a new plan I could get LTE. I've had to move my modem twice to get at least in the "Good" range. 6 months ago I was in the "Strong" range.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

Hi BabyCheetah85,

At best, your RSSI and CINR seem okay. RSSI in the mid-60's is fine, as is CINR in the mid-20's range. Its only when they drop that you would expect to have issues.

There have been some outages in Perth recently, so this may have disrupted people. e.g. it may have caused people normally connected to one tower to end up connected to another tower.

When you say that you "went on to the site and it says you are not covered" ... are you referring to vividwireless' website? The website now checks coverage against the newer LTE service, not WiMAX. Or did you mean this page here:

AFAIK those coverage maps for WiMAX users are still valid. Try that link and see whether your address is covered or not.

Your speed tests above are showing in the 2Mbps+ range, so that's a reasonable speed outcome (depending on your coverage/location).

I would recommend you make a note of the BaseStationID (BSID) from the modem's web interface and see if this is changing at all (i.e. if you are moving from tower to tower at times). You can even turn off your modem for a little while, then back on, and see if it connects to a different tower.

If you find that one particular tower gives a much better result than others, then there is a way with the Home Gateway modem to force it to NOT use the tower(s) you don't want, thus making it connect to the one you DO want. Email me if you want details of that (


BabyCheetah85 wrote 36 weeks ago

Hi Frosty,

As of right now the RSSI is anywhere from -81 - -86 CINR 17-20/8-10 and still connected to the same BSID tower. I'm not sure if I was connected to another tower before this started happening though but seems to stay on the same tower.

I tried the map you linked and it still says we are not covered. Our address is located in a tiny little square with no coverage on that map.

Originally when I signed up the speed I was getting was 5mb and above up to around 8. I don't know how 2mb is an acceptable speed when I can't use it if my partner is using it and vice versa. Can't even play an online game without it cutting out and it had a bit of trouble streaming a show last night (had to buffer a couple of times).

If he is watching youtube my webpages take ages to load as if I am on dial up speed.

Might shoot an email to see if there is another tower that we could possibly connect to and see if that will help. All I'm really wanting is for a strong signal, no dropouts and hopefully 5mbs speed at least.


9:30pm. Here is a good example of what we can experience a lot and still connected to the same tower.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 36 weeks ago

Yeah, under 1Mbps is no good. I got your email and will reply in a sec.


BabyCheetah85 wrote 36 weeks ago

Thanks for the help Frosty :)

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